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moments of weakness

Hiya hun ive left a post for you on another thread....basically giving you some support.
Chin up hunny...ill find the link and post it on.

Ruthy xxx
Found it....

Hiya funkykat, ive had one of those weeks were i have been unable to withstand temptation with sweets, ive just finished my *week and i find i always crave sweet stuff because im quite run down after a period.

Sometimes its better to have a little treat, then start a fresh the next day....thats what ive done.

Today i have woken up and feel really bleh! and for no apparant reason....but my sons teacher said to me this morning OMG you have lost more weight...which has stopped me pigging out on the chocolate to make me feel better.

So i know how you feel hun.....sometimes its better to have your treat and then crack the whip and start again.
thanks for the message Ruthy, i'm just feeling a bit down about it because i've i'm not even into the end of the first week and i've had a day where i blew my syn count... good thing is that becuase i was low on my syn count during the week i've balanced out ok but it looks like i've only lost 1lb in the last week... how depressing was hoping for a bit more than that when i lost 2lb in the first day (yes i've put a 1lb back on). I guess this is part of the reason for not weighing everyday.

i have eaten a lot over the weekend - totally pigged out on my green day on syn free foods and syns saturday so my confidence is a little low. i'm just thinking about food all the time!!! i've drink so many low/free syn cans of pop, sugar free jelly, mullerlight etc. it doesn't feel very healthy.

so far i've not signed up to the weekly weigh in as i can't really afford and its at a time that is a bit difficult for me getting there from work. does it really make much difference?

help!!! :mad:
I like going to class ....i never stay but it keeps me focused.
If your eating syn free foods on green i cant see it being a problem at all tbh.
I find eating a tin of baked beans fills me up a treat if im really hungry.
I also drink loads and loads of diet coke, sugar free squash and water and i only find that it speeds up my weight loss if anything else.

Aim to drink about at least 4pts of fluid a day and you will notice a big difference..


;)Ruthy xxx;)
thanks ruthy,
apart from the extra syns on saturday i've stuck to the plan but just eaten loads and lots of rubbish, combined with the only 1lb loss in a week that's my reason for feeling rubbish. i will pull my socks up, thanks for the kick up the butt!

just looked into local classes...was planning on going swimming tonight should i go to class instead?

thanks for the support hun x
Ruthy is absolutely right. I have my "friend" at the moment as well, so I tend to crave stodge, and yesterday with it snowing out, my hubby begged me to make banana bread which we both love. So I did have some but told myself that after dinner I would not touch it and I didn't somehow :) I can't avoid it so if I allow myself a little of what I fancy I am less inclined to go nuts and eat it all! LOL
I would go to class if i were you hun, just to get yourself established on the diet.
Chin up
Ruthy xxx
Its that time of the month for me too - and I just cant seem to ever feel full!! I find an options hot choc is a good low syn comforter! I couldnt do it if I didnt go to class (I dont ever stay eiher) but it gives me a focus. Why dont you go for the first few weeks and then see how you get on. I did stay in the beginning and it was quite helpful cos the leader explained success express and mix to max (not that Ive tried either plan yet - but at least I'll be slightly clued up if ever decide to) Keep going hunny - you can do it xxx


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I started off this morning with the best of intentions. I had porridge and took in some pasta for lunch but as I have rejoined the training group we get a buffet laid on. I had one quarter of a chicken sandwich then some of my colleagues went to KFC. I love KFC so I stayed behind! Good eh? If only I was so good when one of them phoned me and asked if I wanted anything! I could have had anything but I was good and only had a tiny box of popcorn chicken (and I mean TINY!)

Got home and had my pasta then I just couldn't resist the Cadbury's mint crisp cake bars! That is all I will have for today as I have a goal to work towards and this is NOT the way to get there!

Also, the next 2 days our training is in a local hotel and I've been told that they lay on a 3 course dinner! How am I going to get round that? I guess I will leave out breakfast
It must be the weather!
Everyone seems to be losing the plot ---sending slimming vibes to all :vibes:

Ruthy xxx

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Hi there Funky cat, in the past when i could'nt afford to go to group, i used the scales in Boots, every friday afternoon i'd go in just to weigh myself. You really should try to weigh yourself just once a week it is alarming how much our weight changes throughout the day never mind the week, so jumping on and off the scales can be the downfall of many a determined slimmer! good luck with whatever you decide to do. Jax
Good idea.
Ruthy xxx


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I use boots scales when I am on holiday. If you don't go to group and weigh yourself all the time then you should take your official WI weight from places like boots. Their scales will be well calibrated and a good place to take your official WI
right having gone up and down like a yo-yo both in mind and body the past few days as i'd lost a few pounds, then put one on only a little but enough to make me feel rubbish, i've taken the big plunge, sod the money and i've joined my local group. so 1 week from now will be my first official WI. going to start counting from now.

thanks for putting me on the right track guys!!!

i've got loads more reading now as bought a few magazines so let me know if you're looking for a recipe - chances are I have it somewhere in one of them.

lol K x
Thanks for the vibes Ruthy hope they work.lol..;) I weighed myself this morning and looks like i have gained slightly but my official wi is tomorrow so extra good 2day need some speed fruits.:D

I will update tomorrow on the April challenge.:wave_cry:
Another thought, drinking alot of diet coke would probably spur on the eating binges - for sweet things. Something to do with the sweetener in the diet coke meddling with sugar levels.. But I dunno we're all different. I find sparkling water stops me feeling hungry all the time.


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Ok well my moment of weakness today - Just got back from WI and decided to finish off the Cadbury's cake bars that were in the cupboard. I bought them with good intentions (they were on offer and I thought Mr Taz would 'help' me with them!) and now I want them out of the cupboard to remove the temptation - So I ate them!

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