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MommyB's New Adventure

hello everyone, my name is Jane, i'm 46 married with 2 daughters (9 and 5). I have had weight problems for as long as i can remember and my biggest problem is stress or comfort eating, but i do seem to be slowly overcomming that.
I've done weightwatchers for a few years now, with varying degrees of succes-ie it works if I stick to it properly. But for a while now i have been stuck in a rut with it so i am hoping that a change of directions will bring my mojo back to life.

Started calorie counting yesterday and am initially aiming for 1500 a day, see how i get on . came in at !577 yesterday which i dont think was too bad considering i didnt know what i was doing. am much better prepared today tho.

If i post my menu later will someone please give it the once over and jsut check i'm doing properly.

ps my first question ( first of many i'm sure!!) i have one of those oil srayers for cooking and was wondering how much to count for a tiny spray of olive oil-was guessing at 10
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welcome to CC i am a newbi also , i think the oli spray is only 1 cal per spray it should say if you use the lite one ?

the ladies on here are fab sure will give you lots of support,
i am aiming for a low carb low calorie and higher protein diet:rolleyes: the result will tell me next week if it's working,
hello and thanks for the welcome.
its not fry lite that i've got but one of those oil misters that you put ordinary oil in-i'm using olive oil . My book says 99 cals for a tablespoon and this is a tiny fraction of that!!

good luck to you too
food for yesterday
skimmed milk for drinks throughout day 100
B-2 toast (2x91) 2 rashers ww bacon 65, spread 50, smidge brown sauce 10-total 307
L-tesco lite choices minced beef and potatoes 200, small can green beans 24, ww vanilla rice pud 112 total 336
s-sainsburys melba toasts and 1/3 pot mushroom pate 140, choc twister ice lol 40-total 180
D asda curry counter aloo sag 408,1/2 pack tilda rice with pinto beans 146, cadubrys lite choc mousse 60, total 614
s-m&s oaty berry bite 65. adsa lite drinking choc 35 total 100

total for day 1637

totday ( will do better!!)
milk for drinks 100
B 2 egg omlette (2 x86) 172, spray of oil 10, 2 turkey rashers 53 total 225
L 2 crusty rolls (165 x2)330, spread 50, 50 g ham 46, sweetpickle 20, ww yog 54 total 500
D 3 asda meatfree glamorgan susages (99 each)297. 1/3 tin of potatoes 67,salad (est) 50/ 2 spoon elf mayo 24, portion of rhasberry blancmange ( made with sk milk)100 total 538

total so far 1363, leaving 137 to play with

does that all seem ok ?


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Hi Jane welcome to calorie counting and good luck with your journey.
Sorry I'm not one for commenting on peoples food - I'm sure others will help you with that. 1500 a day is a sensible place to start and don't get too stressed if you go over just try and find a routine that works for you.:)


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Your meals sound great, and nicely varied! Only thing I'd say is that you might feel fuller if you include more fruit and veg - they give more bang for your calorie buck because you can eat so much of them. I mean, if you had 2 sausages rather than 3, for example, you could have a very large bowl of broccoli on the side for that 99 kcals you saved. It'd really fill you up!

Strongly recommend making up a pint of Hartley's sugarfree jelly each day so it's there in the fridge whenever you want a spoon of something. Delicious with raspberries and strawberries!
thanks both, I am familiar with the sugar free jelly from doing ww, so i will be making some of that (MrB got paid today so i feel a big shopping trip comming on!!), Its been a funny few days cos my daughter has been off school ill and i guess i'm a bit out of routine and done a bit of eating on the hop, but am sure once i settle into normal routine i will be ok

Tomorrow I'm going to pizza Hut for lunch so am planning to have small breakfast and evening meal ( perhaps soup) .
Just trying to make my food plan for the day

Milk for drinks 100
B-50g sultana bran with 50ml skimmed milk 225- this was a bigger portion than i normally would have but ate earleir than normal so was trying to fill myslef up til lunchtime

L-going to pizza hut-looking at website a pasta dish looks best option calorie wise -will updat later

D-probably salad-what with will depend on how many cals left.

ok i know its a very loose plan but i feel that if i dont make one i will end up having a 'sod it' day and pigging out
Milk for drinks 100
B-50g sultana bran with 50ml skimmed milk 225- this was a bigger portion than i normally would have but ate earleir than normal so was trying to fill myslef up til lunchtime
s-apple 50
L (pizzahut) lasagne 589, came with a really small salad 15, ans 1 slice garlic bread 95,2 diet pepsi's 0

have 426 left for tea, not bad going


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Mmmm lasagne <insert Homer-esque drool here> sounds good!

If you're ever stuck for lunch options, Subway have a great range of low fat 6 inch subs, all in the 200-300ish range. Really tasty and filling!
oh yes i lurve subway. was looking at their cals last night and decided its deffo on my list of lunch options!! I'm actually finding that counting cals rather than ww points has widdened my options !!


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Isn't their sweet onion sauce just gorgeous? Got kind of hooked on Subway lately myself. Calorie counting is great because it's taking things back to basics and nothing is forbidden, really. There's nowt wrong with WW, it's just a step further so maybe a little more complicated than it needs to be... unless you're buying loads of WW products, which I suppose is the whole point of it!
Thats kind of what i'm discovering. will still use some ww stuff cos i like it. But for example got 23 points a day on ww and a lamb biriyana is 21 points-so waht else am i gonna eat that day??
whereas my book says average protion is 700 cals which is just less than half of my 1500 per day allowanve now-a bit more flexible.

Sorry to go on but i'm just a bit excited by my new regime!!


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I understand the excitement! Calorie counting can be really pretty liberating when you've followed something with more rules. It puts you totally in control and you learn how to juggle and balance foods you love with healthy options.

Sounds like you've found your dieting home - hope it all goes well for you!


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Hi Mommy B


welcome to our lovely group xx
Final food update -for my own benefit
Milk for drinks 100
B-50g sultana bran with 50ml skimmed milk 225- this was a bigger portion than i normally would have but ate earleir than normal so was trying to fill myslef up til lunchtime
s-apple 50
L (pizzahut) lasagne 589, came with a really small salad 15, ans 1 slice garlic bread 95,2 diet pepsi's 0
s-twister choc ice lol 40
D-salad 50, 2 turkey rashers 65, 28g cheddar 116, salad cream 17, blancmange 100-

Total today 1462
hi there everyone just popping by to post my food for today. Am really proud of myslef today cos i had a food plan that i realsied was going to take me over, so i chagned it around. then i realsied i had miscalculated the figs for something after i'd eaten it, so i changed my evening meal to compesate and ended up comming un with cals to spare-Go ME !!

Milk for drinks 50 ( less than usual but too hot to drink tea,been on water most of day)

B beans on toast 238
s-mini chicken satay sticks 166
L sandwich made with low fat brussels pate, lettuce,cucumber and mayo, with carrot sticks cherry toms and beetroot. rhaspberry blancmange 497-see i took your advice to try and include more fruit and veg
s-alpen lite bar 67
D-quorn peppered steak, microwave chips,salad and mayo, cadburys lite choc mousse 414

total for day 1382
went over by about 50 cals yesterday and think i will be over again today so i will cut back for the next few days to balance things out-you are allowed to do this on ww so i guess you can on cc too.

Am on a mission this week -i want to loose 3lbs. Its 3 weeks to our hols and i want to get some of this blubber shifted by then.

Is it always ths quiet on this forum??


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The quorn peppered steak and chips with salad sounds delish! Going to try that one. Your eating plans look fab and they look sustainable in the long term. Only a matter of time before you're raking in the results!

You're off on holiday in 3 weeks? It's great to have something to shoot for. Good luck with the mission!

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