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MONDAY - "Lets do it hour by hour"



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Morning Lady!
I think if I opened my umbrella this morning I would have done a Mary Poppins:D. Very windy in London and I am sure the rain is on the way.
Oh well thats just the weather I am feeling good and am on the 3rd pint of water. Bring on week 2!!
I am off to Rome this weekend that should prove to be a challenge.
Rome how exciting. I am sure if you plan well you will be OK.


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I will probably not be able to drink all the water, but if I have a bar for lunch and shakes in the morning and evening I will be okay. I am going to aim to drink atleast 2l during the day and maybe one in the evening but who knows maybe by then I will not need to 'go' every 10 mins.

Going to be a quiet day for me at work sigh!
It is quiet here too, I think I should be looking for another job as I am getting more and more bored.

I will be leaving 12.15 have to meet the Sky plus man.

he he.
Morning Everyone.

Thought would be a good idea to join in with this, to keep myself going. Currently having a vanilla shake for Breakfast. Is the first time I've had one. I'm not totally convinced but more determind than ever so soildering on... Off to gym in a bit, probably to do more gossoping, than working out, but its better for me to gossip whilst on walking machine, than whilst sitting about... If I'm feeling energetic and brave might even go ride the horse later on...

Hope everyone else has a good day...
Hi Everyone!!

I don't get on at the weekends but i am going to try more next weekend cause i found the weekends are crippling me!!!! feel awful cause i ate some bits yesterday not really sure why either!!!!!!! Feel so disappointed with myself but today i have already done 2 half litres!!!! and its my weigh in tonight!!!!! Arggggggghhhh......... Why do we have to have such a problem with food!
Mandy - Dont panic, most people have little blips, but the most important thing is to move on and forget it. You cant undo it, but you can move forward and learn from it.

You are doing the right thing drinking.

Good luck at your WI and dont get too disappointed. Were are here to support you.:grouphugg:
Worst thing is have comin into work and it is the time of the month!!!!! Great havent had one for about 6months lose a little weight and wham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good thing I am wearing a top today that i haven't worn since last september and it fits lovely!!!!!!!!!
Afternoon all!! I am just catching up on posts today....I am at home. My knee is hurting after yesterdays shopping spree - too many hours standing. That has thrown my back because I walked funny to compensat. And my neck is permanently sore anyway. My feet hurt too. Poor me! I hurt from head to toe!!! LOL hehe - I really don't mind as it just furthers my resolve that this weight MUST come off! My knees are the main worry - recent surgery does not seem to have had much affect on them. poo. Oh well - as long as they can get me to 50 when I can get a shiny new pair of them! I am paying for the sins of youth!

So I hope everyone is having a good day!? And had a good weekend!

1. litres down, and just made a strawberr-raspberry-banana shake. Yummy. but cold!! (I don;t lke them without ice - not to mention the ice on my knees, so it is well chilly here.)

Gray and windy here, but no rain yet. Good luck with your weigh in tonight Mandy!

And lucky you Rachal! Rome!

We are going on a day trip to Amsterdam in a bit - maybe you can give me some tips on your travels about what worked and what didn't!


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Afternoon All,

I can't believe I am nearly 4 litres down. Blimey not sure how I did that in only 4 hours. Official weigh in tonight my drop in was yesterday so by tonight I will probably not have lost much more, but still I am wearing a top today that I dared not wear before and it fits nicely.

Anyone feeling down please feel free to take some of my good mood :D:D:D.


Happily pro pointing!
Afternoon All,

I can't believe I am nearly 4 litres down. Blimey not sure how I did that in only 4 hours. Official weigh in tonight my drop in was yesterday so by tonight I will probably not have lost much more, but still I am wearing a top today that I dared not wear before and it fits nicely.

Anyone feeling down please feel free to take some of my good mood :D:D:D.
Watch how much water you put away this afternoon as it can really effect you if you are carrying a lot of water at weigh in time, 1L is about 2lbs, last week when I arrived I had only lost 1lb, 2 trips to the loo later and I had lost 3!!
So I am planning to get through the water in the morning and slow down in the afternoon, I don't want to be weighing all that water again, also I usually have a latte for lunch, soup tea and the last 2 at supper time, but I think having soup an hour before weigh in effects me too, so I am going to do, latte for breakfast, soup lunch and save the last 2 for supper, see how that goes.
Good 'very wet' afternoon - well there's water water everywhere today, inside and out!

I've just drank my first pack, had a nice mushroom soup - will have another early evening before I go to weigh in and then have 2 packs when I come home.

Have drank almost 3 litres today so that's not too bad, should well stick on target today, so much easier when I'm in work.

Tange I hope you have a great time in Rome, it's a gorgeous city, I love it there - green with envy I am.


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Hi Ali,

Yes I did think of that, but devious little (ok not so little)ole me has this plan. I will have 5 litres like I always do but it will be done with by 2.30 latest. Then at 4 I am going to have a latte with some luck the coffee will get rid of lots of fluid. but if not I am not too phased I know I have been a VERY good girl so in time it will show as pounds banished from this kingdom I call my body. :D
I am absolutely ecstatic. I not sure if any one will recall but I had in storage some size 14 work suits that (being hopeless) I had forgotten to take to charity.

Well, you know what's coming.......I got into them today - and not 'just' they were exactly right! So, I fought through floods just to get to work so I could swank around in my fav pinstripe with a huge grin :D


Had 1 litre of water and a shake - just making a decaff and then I need to get on with a presentation and job application.

Oh I am soooo happy

Love to all
Nice one Miss F!!!!! <high 5!> That's cool! I can't wait till that happens - so far, not a lot of difference inch wise. So well done you! Can see whay you are so happy, and so you should be!!

I am just finising my third litre. Going to have a Marigold after this pint I am drinking now. Maybe a soup befor weigh in tonight.

Rainy and mucky out. Yuck.
Whey Heyy Miss F - bet you've got a beaming smile on you today and you well deserve it!

:clap: Brilliant news :clap:

Good luck for weigh in tonight BL - I'm sure you'll do great - you'll soon be out from behind that sofa!
he he - Thanks Katie!!! Week bby week I leave my sofa!! :party0049:

Good luck tonight to you too!!! :scale:

As we have both been lil' angels this week we should see a good result!!! :innocent0002:

I decided to try and make a muffin, and it smells so good - just waiting for it to cool now.:drool:

:wavey: see ya later!

Well Miss F I think you should go to the top of the Class - Whooooo.

On my 3rd litre, but an absolute banger of a headache, had it all day and even with tabs not gone, will metion these and the cramps to LLC tomorrow. Anyway gonna go and have another soup my fav mushroom plus two more tabs.

Going outside in hour to do the horses so hopefully the wind (and the torrential rain) may blow it away.

Good luck with your WI BL.

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