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MONDAY "Lets do it hour by hour"

Well would love to say good morning, but today has started crap for me. Dear Daughter and I have come to blows this morning, well she hit me, so now it is the end of the road and it is defo time for her to leave. There will be lots of sorting out to do tonight.

Not gonna dwell on too long as am upset and having to put a really brave face on at work. I actually feel numb at the mo.

Anyway onward and upward, I know I shouldnt but pushing it to the back of my mind for now so that I can cope at work.

Hope all you little peeps (see I am calling you little) are doing ok.

Had 1 litres already.
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Oh lady, I'm so sorry this is happening! I hope you get everything sorted <<<<hugs>>>>

Have a good day everyone x
Discovered last night that Sappho and I live just a few miles apart and are seeing the same LLC! We may even end up in the same development group. How freaky will that be?
Thanks Bex.

Crickey that was eery, nice for you though to have a comrade quite close.:)
Its ok she has just sent me a lovely email at work, so it isnt a bleak as i first felt but think things are gonna be tough for sometime. To be honest it needed to come to a head and deep down I know things may change but they will all be alright end the end.

Just think I used to moan about the babies waking me up in the night, give me a baby anytime.:cry:
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Oh Lady......that is not OK. I am so sorry that's happened!!! Def sounds like a change is necessary. I would imagine you DD feels horrible and ashamed of herself and will nodoubt regret her actions. ..what a hard thing for you to deal with. :(

We're all here for you.

Thanks BL. I was just thinking I wonder if this disappearing me is affecting her too. The big fat cuddly mum is disappearing. Tough she is still gonna disappear, just a thought.

I tried Tai crisps/pompadoms last night. Think I need grease proof paper as mine seem to stick to parchment.

How many calories in parchment paper I wonder as I ate a bit last night - lol:)
MMMM most defo wouldnt mind looking like Audry Hepburn, but then I do think she was a bit thin:D


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Oh Lady, I do hope you can sort things out. Its horrible to have things like that happen. I guess the good thing is that by now you have learned to deal with the emotions and will more than likely resolve this very soon. Good luck.

Week four starts for me today, and I have never felt stronger or more determined. Looking forward to weigh in tonight, although the exercise I have been doing my impact the scales the first week of exercise usually does. Not that it matters it will show in the next few weeks.
I discovered the joy of the thai crisp this weekend oh yummy!! Very nice.

Here is wishing you all a very happy day :)

When I do my poppadoms I put them straight on to the plate! they come off much easier, I got fed up with eating paper!!!:D When they are cooked on the plate, you just slide a knife underneath and it comes off a treat.


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Hello Everyone!

Sorry to hear about your upset LL.... It may have something to do with the disappearing you!!!!! I remeber last time i lost all my weight, me and my hubby and some close friends went threw the Mill......... funny really cause i put all the weight back on and they all went back to treating me like a doormat!!!!!!!!!!!

Got weigh in tonight, my scales today say I am 4lb heavier (weird)..............

Had a tough weekend as I spent most of it crying!!!!!!!!! not sure why though........ although did do a fair bit of walking as well, mind you only cause we sold our car!!!!!!! and walked son to school today and then walked to work!!!!! Has made em feel good.........

Have a good day everyone....

Thanks Mandy, daughter has now rang me and is devasted over what happened, thank god. Still we need to get things sorted as this is happening too often. Think losing the weight has got to do with it she was always pushing the boundaries and taking the pee and now I feel confident to keep them tight where necessary.

I felt very weepy in the first 2 weeks of LL and still do on occasions, even cry at silly things like someone singing nice etc. I think it is because our guard (fat) is down and we are more vunerable. Anyay its a great learning curve and I personally think a very worthwhile journey, even though I get upsets. I probably had them before but they were hidden from view with fat and food.

Great you are doing the walking one of the best exercises ever. Dont worry about the scales, I got on mine this morning and it weighed more then I moved them and they were 2lb less. he he.


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Thanks LL.......... only just on my 1st Litre....... need to get drinking I think.................

Just had a few stressys this morning over the new car..... and insurance..... but I have just decided I am in work hubby is at home off so he can deal with it... not getting myself stressed over it.......
Very sensible.

I am now off for the afternoon, going to Basingstoke to see if I can get a red jacket for the wedding.

I have a meeting tonight so might not be able to get on.

Good luck all thoses with WI tonight, I am dreading mine tomorrow.

Have a lovely afternoon.:wave_cry:
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I am glad she apologised LL, but this needs to be taken very seriously. It is NOT ok for her to hit you. :( I hope she fully and completey knows that, and this was just a one off incident.

Just be very careful.

It may be the dissappearing you is shaking her confort zone a bit....probably worth a chat with her.

Glad it is better now in any event, but just don't let her take advantage of you!!!

hey- sorry to hear about all your problems LL. One good thing is that she broke the ice and apologised immediatly. Although, this obviously doesnt make it acceptable.
On my 2nd litre. need to get a move on!
Here I am back. Well never ever thought that I could solve my problems with shopping. I used to hate it they never had what I wanted in my size and alway resorted to Evans (although I dont want to knock them because they served their purpose) or Peacocks or Bon Marche. Whooooo I have now moved up market. Shopping is like waiting a bus, you wait for hours and then three come along at the same time. I bought three jackets, yes three red jackets. I have been to the shops 4 or 5 times before and there was no jackets. Today I found three. So I have bought them all and am taking two back. I got one from Lime - £25, one form M&S Per Uno (my first every per uno item) £39 and a lovely woollen one from Moonsoon - £75. I am not going to tell the price to daught or hubbie and just let them tell which one is best. Because the outfit is black, and I had some lovely red shoes, I have actually bought a hairband type flowery feathtery type thing in red and black. It looks absolutely fantastic. I dont think there will be many hats at the wedding as it is in a golf/country club. Well I must say I look fantastic and feel like a million dollars in it, plus the red necki and bracely and earrings.

I cant tell you how good I feel at the mo, even with all that crap that has been going on I feel that things are gonna work out. I will post a picture in the outfit as I think you will notice a big difference.

Anyway D Daughter knows that she is not gonna get away with it this time and there is going to be some serious talking. I am gonna wait til Wednesday night and we will all sit down and talk it over, as I feel by then we will all be in a better place and will be able to think more clearly.

As Lola said thanks for your concern, as i said to my LLC when I joined if you can sort me out then you have moved mountains.

I am going out for some horsey therapy now be back later.

Trying to catch up with water and had one soup.
Today i went to the toilet and literally keeled over in agony at being constipated what is the best way yo relieve this?

Also im on my 12th day and see no physical changes what so ever in my appearance. Is this normal?

thank you

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