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Monday*** lets do it hr by hr***


Trying to stay healthy!
Yep it's so cold, has been since around mid last week. Just had a litre of water, will have my first pack in the afternoon.
Had two massive cups of tea, one banana shake, no water yet but just going to get some now and its............... SNOWING !!
Lynne x
Glad someone started the thread. Had porridge and coffee. Seem to be getting a very slight, barely there, headache these mornings. Have to have a think about that. Probably lack of sleep.
It's cold on the South coast, but the sun is still shining.


Trying to stay healthy!
Nice and sunny here too in south wales...still freezing though, got the fire on full heatin on full and jumper and boots on!!! still shivering...!

Just had my mushroom soup to try and warm up a bit and another coffee and more water.

Poor you Frances, that's not nice at all, are getting all your water in?
Yeah, I have been managing 3 litres a day of late. I don't think it's the diet, it must just be late nights (I do stay up very late, on the computer). It fades within an hour or so and I don't need to take anything for it. I'm keeping a watch on it as I was never one for getting headaches. Maybe I should go and get my eyes tested or something like that. I'll have a think.
happy monday all, am doing so crap not been on diet since thurs but bak on it again tom, god only on week 2 and blown it already, as long as i dont put bak on few pounds i lost


Trying to stay healthy!
Good luck with starting again skinnylala!!

Hi, all I'm back on the diet today, after a week off. I've still got a week off work (I took 2 weeks holiday, so I haven't got many holiday days left until April!!!!! Silly me)

I have only had a litre of water so far, the water is the hardest thing about the diet. I bet is is sooooooo much easier water wise in the summer.

I had a warm choc shake this morn - yummy.
I think I will have banana for lunch - after you have been doing this for months do you get bored of the shakes. I don't like the soups & I don't want to try the bars, as they are too much like proper food for me.

I wondered what do you do when you get a cold on this diet? As I normally have pastels (like sweets) - so I do't think they will be allowed.
That's a good question Blueeyes because when I get a cold I normally have lemon tea with ginger and honey and it goes away in a few days.

I am an all porridge SS girl now and I think I will be till the end, it's so warming and sweet and fills me up plus I enjoy making it. We will see from this week's weight loss whether it'll affect it.
I started dieting in June and yes, this diet is easier in the summer. But now that I have switched to hot shakes and they brought out the porridge in Sept I find I am coping. Fruit teas help, and making up the water flavourings like Summer Berry and Orange hot, also makes a nice hot drink. Lots of peeps on here love boullion for a savoury drink, but I am not a big fan of savoury drinks or soups.

If you want to try the bars, I would try the peanut one first, as that has the lowest carbs. The variety just might help to get you through.
It is sooooo cold!!

Have done okay liquid wise today, find it so much easier when I'm at work as I drink a lot more there.

Made the choc mint into a hot chocolate last night and rather than just stirring it around the mug I blended it in a jug - it was pure heaven so warming and tasty .... so when I go for my 1st (1st arghhh) weigh in tomorrow night I think I'm going to get 7 and then have one every night.


Trying to stay healthy!
Good luck with your 1st weigh-in Katie!

Frances - hope your headache has shifted and you don't get one tomororw.

Skinnylala - if you keeping going dieting then you haven't wrecked it. Hope you are doing ok this evening.

Had a buffet at work at lunchtime - they had something I'm allowed on SS+ there so I ate that. Only one person seemed to notice it and asked me if I had to have a gluten-free diet. Just been to asda to buy food for a Christmas dinner I am cooking for 10 on Saturday. I really, really, really want to be able to have it!!
But you can have some turkey and cabbage? I know it's not the same without all the trimmings but at least you can sit at the table with the others with a plate in front of you. You'll do it. Just dream about next Christmas and how slim you will be.

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