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Bring on the weight loss!
Sooooo....I started weighing myself every Monday now and my previous post was that I weigh on a Sunday so I thought I'd add a new thread :D
As you can see by my signature - i want to reach my target 4 stone loss by December he he he
I weigh on a Monday morning so that I dont cheat over the weekend..although I do tend to check up on progress at various other times during the week lol But main one that counts is Monday mornings
ANYWAYS! Enough of my ranting - if you weigh in on a Monday and want support....post here! :cool:

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Well done :)


Bring on the weight loss!
Thanks Pink! :-D

Weigh day today! - weighed myself this morning and Ive put on 1llb :( But......TOTM, so I can kinda blame that a little lol

Anyone else weighed themselves today? X


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I weigh in on a Monday too, i started off weighing in on thursdays, then wednesdays and now mondays! lol naughty of me to move it really.

Good luck 2moro!
Been weighing myself on a Monday for over a year and a half :) I think it is the best day for a weigh in. Start of the working week, start of a new diet week and it makes you watch what you eat over the weekend.

Hope your weigh in goes well tomorrow!


Bring on the weight loss!
Ive lost 4 pounds this week!!! Am really happy! Eeeeeehehehehehe!!
Anyone else weighed in today?

Thanks for your comments guys :-D X


Bring on the weight loss!
Sooooo....Ive gained 3llbs today lol Trying to feel not too negative about it as I know ive been a greedy cow all weekend. Went to BBQ's both Saturday and Sunday....back on it this week - looking to my long term goal! :-D
Hi mrsrobinson
I hit the 4 stone weight loss around Feb this year and for about 3 months I hit a plateau and lost no more weight. I was sticking to it 100% and couldn't think why the weight loss had stopped. So it was either completely change the food I ate and change my menus or give WW a go.
And so far I'm very happy with WW and won't be going back to Slimming World.

I think it's a personal choice.


Bring on the weight loss!
Have lost nothing this week (STS) - Altogether I have sts the whole of July. Not good - need to actually get a loss in August! *sigh*



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Hello all , can I join in on this thread ...pleeaseee ?:wave_cry: I too have a Monday weigh in :)

26-07-2010 - STS :rolleyes: ( ToTm :eek: .)

Will work harder next week... Hope everyone had a good week ... :D


Bring on the weight loss!
Sure storm!! Its good to finally have some company!! Hehe

Although - Im not exactly going to inspire lol I gained 3llbs this week (my birthday - went a bit mad)!!

But ah well - heres to next week!!!
Ahh birthdays .. the curse of all dieters !!! :rolleyes:

Glad to be on board here, I weighed myself a day early this week ( only because had friend over for takeaway and girlie catch up last night so had 'treat ' night a little earlier ! ) but its normally a Monday morning !

01-08-2010 - -5lbs :clap: onto working on my next stone down , aint seen that number in a while :eek:

Good luck for the week ahead !!! :D
Hey Jo !
No , no particular diet , just healthy eating , cut out all the rubbish ( havent had a crisp since I started this :cry: ) water is my main drink now , and my poor dogs legs are shorter with all the walking they are getting these days !! :p
I havent got to the running stage yet , without a great sports bra , I would come back with black eyes :eek: !
Walking will do me for now .. .. :giggle:

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