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Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hi All, I'm a Monday weigh in kinda gal, and after the weekend I had, where I have slipped up, I have managed to lose one pound....so I'm now 216....not very happy about that as I think it would have been closer to 2 lbs, if I hadn't pigged out last night..

Well, trying not to be too down, easier said then done, OH isn't happy either as he has gained this week ...... Not too many "happy happy healthy eating is great" vibes in the Diva household at the mo....

Plan is for this week, get on the Treadmill at least 4 times, stick to 3 normal healthy meals per day, and NO SNACKS !!!! No alcohol, not a prob as I hardly drink these days!!!

Going to chuck away the leftover Pizza, and write my healthy shopping list and hit the Supermarket !!!

How was your weekend ???
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Well done on your loss :)
When i dont do as well as i think i have i always say to myself that any loss is good loss no matter how small ;)

Tonight is my food shopping night too, i have some yummy meals planned this week :D

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hi Flux, survived the Supermarket shop, not tempted at all, bought lots of healthy stuffs so should be set for the week, here we go I'm aiming high for a 2 lb weight loss this week. But I would be happy with any loss, and no yo-yoing. Just I'm getting closer and closer to the dreaded 210 which I have got to before but never managed to stay under !!!
Can I ask how long you've been big ? The last time I was really slim and maintained it was nearly 15 years ago, ye Gads !!!!! Was around 11 st then and a size 12 !!!!


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Shopping has been put off until tomorrow for me but il be sticking strictly to my list. Its the only way i know i wont cheat. dont have it in, cant eat it. haha.

I honestly havent ever really been thin, ive been big all of my adult life, and i was a chubby child. Id say smallest ive been was when i was 18 and i was about size 16.. from there i just went up and down and up and down, but this is the biggest ive ever been. I was a size 20 about 5 years ago.

I havent got a weight loss goal this week.. hopfully il manage to keep up with the previous two weeks loss. Good luck for this week.
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Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
hi Flux, have you ever been tempted to switch and do something like Lipotrim or CD ?? Because I'm mooching around this site and soo many people are on these plans and I see amazing weight losses of like 7 or 8 lbs PER WEEK. I'm not promoting them or anything, just curious, as I know that I really couldn't do it, was pants at even Slimfast !!! hahaha !! Just dreaming about a nice big drop in weight, and wishing I was further along than I am....sigh !!!!

On a happier note, doing a low fat roast tonight with all the trimmings, portion controlled of course, roast pork for Mr Diva....slow roasted mixed veggies for me....yuuuummmm !!! Was supposed to have it yesterday evening....


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I dont really know much about either of those. I just had a quick read of Lipotrim and any diet that replaces food for liquids just doesnt cut it for me. Id miss food too much, and i tried slimfast and just couldnt stick to it. I became so bored at the same thing day in day out, and thats when i tend to fall of the wagon. haha. My portion sizes have halved, and i feel full and satisfied, so i am counting caleries but nothing too strict.

I tend to shy away from the word diet as they just dont work for me, i know that my healthy eating plan is something that il have to watch and stick to all my life, not just until ive got to my goal weight. So rather than be stuck on food supliments, id rather eat those lovely vegies, beans, pasta and fruit.

Its just the exercise front where i need to give myself a big kick up the ass, so to speak. Ive never been a very active person and its hard to make myself do it sometimes. haha.

Your dinner sounds lovely. Il have to get that into my menu for next week ;)

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Oops, I suppose I should post my weigh in results here....I lost another pound, but I have been snacking, and I'm not happy about it.... Grrrrrrrrrrr !!!!
Even felt a little twinge of envy this morning, when Mr Diva, who is eating a little bit more than me and taking NO exercise manages to loose almost 2 POUNDS !!!!! I know I shouldn't compare myself to him and the ways we loose weight as we are all different, but, but.....hell who hasn't done this in the past !!!!
1lb is better than gaining diva, i sts this week, and started getting really picky last night :(

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Eeek, I forgot to post on Monday, having a manic week !!! I am 214 pounds, so with only a few days left in October I don't think I'm going to hit this month's target to lose 7 lbs !!!! I've had some bad days where although I haven't eaten the fridge I have eaten MORE than I should !!! how is everyone doing ???

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
What is wrong with me at the moment that I FORGET to post my weight on a Monday, it's not exactly tricky is it !!!! Grrrrr !!!!

Well here we are in November, and I really need a good kick up the bottom, I'm slipping a bit and I don't know why !!!! Double Grrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!

Anywhooo, I weigh 214 lbs..........
welldone with the loss :) i lost 3lbs this week, so im getting back on track wooohoooooo! i also lost 4lbs last weeeeeek! Whats up with the november spirit lol

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hi....I am still alive and kicking! ?November is a notoriously BAD month for me.....and Mr Diva....we both have Birthdays, reason enough to open the wine/ beer / chocolate !!! We visited our favourite Restaurant...mmmmmm ! Mr Diva treated us to a weekend away at the Beach, heaven ! Lots of wonderful walking, the weather was great, no coats needed!! Found another fantastic restaurant, we are both foodies !! And drank amazing wines....sigh!

Anywhooo, I am 214 lbs and feel well and truely stuck-ish..... Think I will give myself a kick this weekend with a day or two of my homemade Veggie Soup, yummy!

More news, the Diva household has expanded....two new kittys arrived on Sunday evening....rescue kittens from a local AMAZING cat charity. Only 12 weeks old, who had a very hard start in the World, but are settling in well !!

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Well I know I'm late posting this ( it's still Monday here !!! ) I weigh in at 213 lbs, survived a half good weekend......Would like to blame Starbucks for their gorgeous yummy coffees, but it's all me and my lack of will power.....eeek !!! Naughty Diva...move away from the seasonal speciality yummyscrummy coffees.....

hi maccalenny.....the kittens are mischievoius, hyper, noisy....and adorable !!!!! Had their first major check up with their new Vets....still have not quite forgiven me for not warning them about the nasty temperature taking via the ' southern route ' !!!!!!

Who else has lost any weight this last week ???? I'm determined to keep that little pound off !!!!!

Diva x

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Monday, again, ALREADY !!!!! I have lost a pound....if I can lose another pound I will have lost 50 lbs so far...... I have been thinking about how long it is taking and trying not to be too down, how mad is that ???? I am so pleased to have lost another pound, let alone 49 of the little ******* !!!!!
You've done soooooo well - lost so much weight - look how your BMI has dropped - you've probably added YEARS to your life and made each day easier and happier.......who cares how long it takes? You should be so proud of what you've done!

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hiya Maccalenny !!! Still alive and kicking...had some choccy today, so in love with the World again, WHAT is it that they put in that stuff ??????

I'm having lots of medical stuff done at the mo, don't worry it's a legal thing, and early reports back are saying amazing cholersterol, excellent heart rate, brill blood pressure, etc etc, I think it's almost 30 years being a Veggie which is helping !!!!!

Like your goal weight too.....we're twins !!! Haha !!! How tall are you ?? Also are you a boy or gal ?? Forgive all the questions, I'm a nosey old so and so !!!!!
Hey - great medical results - bet they would not have been that a while back - so its all worth it! Even if it seems to take ages sometimes...
I hadn't realised our stats were so similar - I'm also 5'6. My name is Kate - the Maccalenny thing was after my 2 cats, Lennon and McCartney - hubby is a beatles fan!
I know what you mean about the choccie thing - I had some proper chocolate today (ie milk chocolate, not dark, which I know is better for you but is just not the same) first time in a month - bliss!

I like your Christmas goals - could suit quite a few of us I think!


Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Awwwww, love your cats names !!! I have just got two new kittens, rescue ones found at 3 weeks abandoned on farmland, cold wet and hungry, tiny runts of the litter, then bottlefed......and now lording it over Mr Diva and I !!!!!

I really enjoyed my choccy, but now I feel a bit sick, I was naughty and skipped Brekkie and then had choccy around 11.am.....so a bit rich for me on an empty stomach..... Chinese Veggie Stirfry tonight , but not until 7 p.m so I hope I can manage it or I shall be starving at 9 p.m and that's no good.......

I am sooo looking forward to being under 200 lbs....do you plan to stick with 168 when you get there? Or will you revise it a bit?? Only asking as I will probably try to drop a bit more to what I used to be once upon a time, around 154 lbs...... Wishful thinking/ dreaming here !!!!

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