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Mood swings and Carbs

For the past week or so (in preparation for LL) I have been saying goodbye to all my previous crutches food wise. Pasta, rice, potatos, choc, sweets and puddings, I haven't binged, but I haven't stinged either. LOL.

I have been a total B***CH all week, seemingly unable to control my mood, emotions, paranoia etc and also been exhausted. To such a point that I was really beginning to think I had some form of mental health problem (seriously!)

I put all this down to the fact that I had been forcing myself to truly accept where I am right now with my physical self. Having moved into a new apartment which has not just one, but two full length mirrors and a bathroom with a completely mirrored wall (so you can see the whole horror in the shower eeek) I could no longer just look at my head and shoulders view of myself in the mirror and convince myself that I don't look that bad for someone of my weight (20 stone plus)!

So I figured the tearful, jibbering wreck I have been recently was all down to that. My poor OH has been terrified, wondering what the hell was going on as I wouldn't let him touch me, snapped at him every time he says he loves me or that he thinks I am beautiful with some comment like "well we all know you are crazy" or something similar.

Today I have not had any high carb food at all - usually would have a huge scone with butter and jam for breakfast - but today had 3 pieces of fruit and a low fat natural yogurt and lunch a tuna salad with no dressing (just some balasmic vinegar). I keep waiting for the crushing tiredness and inability to hold a civil conversation to descend as it usually does mid morning - sending me scuttling to the canteen for a "pick me up" - but it never came. I feel alert and OK for the first time in ages. My OH (who works in the same place) met me for lunch and was amazed that I was not just a big grump as I usually am complaining that I want to go home etc etc and that I hate work etc etc.

I have had hypoglycaemia since I hit puberty - and have always been aware that I need to space my meals carefully and eat slow burning carbs like pasta and rice to see me through to the next meal or I have a "hypo crash" and shake like a leaf, generally act drugged and slur until I find some sugar to sort me out - but if today is anything to go off, I have been doing the complete opposite to what I should have been doing.

Has anyone else experienced similar reactions to high carb food - just interested. I usually have a terrible memory, awful mood swings and impulse control, brain fog and at periods through the day feel so exhausted that I feel unable to even speak or function. I cannot believe how much better I feel today (which is worrying because it probably means I am going to have the WORST withdrawl in the next few days... eeek... or well better than in week one of foundation!!)
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Hi there, this may be of interest to you;
Seratonin: The chemistry of Well-Being

Particularly this bit;

Serotonin release is triggered by a carbohydrate load (sugar, etc.) and there are many who feel that eating Carbohydrates under stress is aimed at this serotonin release.

[SIZE=+1]When the brain produces serotonin, tension is eased. When it produces dopamine or norepinephrine, we tend to think and act more quickly and are generally more alert. Eating carbohydrates alone seems to have a calming effect, while proteins increase alertness. Complex carbohydrates, which raise the level of tryptophan in the brain, have a calming effect.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]Protein promotes the production of dopamine and norepinephrine, which promote alertness. Protein meals containing essential fatty acids and/or carbohydrates are recommended for increased alertness. Salmon and white fish are good choices. Avoid foods high in saturated fats; consumption of port or fried foods, such as hamburgers and French fries, leads to sluggishness, slow thinking, and fatigue. Fats inhibit the synthesis of neurotransmitters by the brain in that they cause the blood cells to become sticky and to clump together, resulting in poor circulation, especially to the brain.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=+1]A balance is achieved when the diet contains a combination of these two nutrients. A turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread is a good combination: the turkey is high in protein and tryptophan, and the whole wheat bread supplies complex carbohydrates. Many psychiatrists treat depression with drugs that raise brain levels of serotonin. A diet deficient in omega-3 fatty acids may lower brain levels of serotonin and cause depression. Depression is associated with low levels of red blood cell membrane and low intake of omega-3 fatty acids and that a high ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids is associated with depression.[/SIZE] [SIZE=+1]Consume more carbohydrates than protein if you are nervous and wish to become more relaxed or eat more protein than carbohydrates if you are tired and wish to become more alert. A depressed person who needs his spirits lifted would benefit from eating foods like turkey and salmon, which are high in tryptophan and protein. Beware: The body will react more quickly to the presence of sugar than it does to the presence of complex carbohydrates. The increase in energy supplied by the simple carbohydrates is quickly accompanied by fatigue and depression.[/SIZE]

And this;
Depression and Diet

Especially this bit;

A chemical in the brain called serotonin has an important regulatory effect on a person's mood. Specifically, feelings of well being are heightened when seratonin is active in the brain. It is thought that some depressed people have a deficiency of serotonin. A high carbohydrate diet increased the brain's production of serotonin. Without knowing it, depressed people may be turning to carbohydrates in an attempt to improve their mood.

I have been binging big time on carbs recently, and have subsequently gained a stone. However, i have just been diagnosed with depression, today actually, and put on anti depressants. Once these kick in i hope i will start to take control of my binging.:( At least i know why i am craving bread all the time!

Good luck with LL!
I used to binge on carbs and have to say the slurred speech only lasted a few days. Today I feel better than ever, I feel like my mind has been freed in someway... its really weird to explain.

I've suffered from depression for the last 15 years and have was diagnosed 2 years ago as BiPolar. I refuse to have any medication as it makes you mind numb. But having got rid of the carbs I feel fab now, so stick to it.

Make sure you have your food packs a regualr intervals, as if I'm late that can effect me as well make me slurry.

Good luck on LL. Look forward to reading about your success. :)
Hi there,
I tried to give up carbs pre LL & to be honest I gave up after a couple of days as it was hell! In the end I just waited to start & went with it but did try to up my water intake first! I also used to get very shaky if I didn't eat regularly but despite genuine concern this has not happened since starting LL! HTH?

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