Morni' (she creeps in sheepishly, tail between her legs)


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Well , what can i say i have well and truely fell off the wagon AGAIN!!!! anyway i have gone up to 14 st 10 have been trying to do slimming world for about the last 6 weeks and now weigh 2.5 lbs heavier than when i styarted argggghhhh!!!! So have decided that i need to get back to ssing even if its just to get my back to 12 st 7 again. Anyway just wanted to post here cos i know i can get loads of support and advice from al you guys and i think i am going to need it. Alot has happened in my life over the past 3months which i shall post about later but for now i have to go to work. I shall be back on this afternoon so if anyone has any advice for me restarting it will be very gratefully recieved.

Thanks guys!!

Lots of love Busy XX
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Welcome back .. you can do it .. but you have to really want it!!!

Good luck


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I think everyone on here really wants it but it's about accepting that it's not going to be easy (although some people do find it easy). It's about making sacrifices and planning ahead. Being prepared. Being organised. Cutting out all the excuses and reasons why you can "start again tomorrow". lol. It's about wanting it more than you want food and being in control of food not food being in control of you!

Good luck hun. You can do anything you put your mind to. You're right, this site is the best place to be for support and advice. Happy SSing.x


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hi there girl

you and i are in the same boat and about to get back on cd again, just thought i would post quick so i would catch you and let you know in here.

Your wee old friend x


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Good luck guys, just glug the water as it is key :)