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Most exciting/enjoyable cardio? Whats yours?

Im a Podrunner and I love it! Beginner to 5k in 9 weeks - I should be on commission as I keep going on about this but it's so good, and free, try it everyone its great!! Just over 6 weeks ago I was a slug now I can run 25 mins non stop - and still improving!! link below but also free on Itunes in the podcast section
Podrunner: Intervals - Free Workout Music from dj steve boyett

Stay positive and happy everyone! :)
I'm into rollerblading at the moment! Last summer it was jogging I was into, and cycling. One place said that rollerblading burns 1000cals an hour!
Also horse riding and dancing I like and just doesn't seem like exercise: usually just dancing round my flat! And horse riding when I go back to my parents.


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I'm boring, lol, I love the cross trainer, if I go really fast, feels like I'm on some crazy ride :D


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What exercise do you wish you could do? What is the most enjoyable exercise for you?
What are you going to take up?

I want to do pole dancing and boxercise but am currently feeling too overweight to do either at the minute.

My mini goal is to get down to 179lbs and then buy a pole...
Lica, read my thread, and get yourself on there lady. It's fab. My pal and I are having a pole jam tomorrow (basically we turn the music up load and practice, practice, practice. It's our first one in over a year, since she got pregnant and had her baby really. I can't wait.

I have just got back from the gym, and did mostly crosstrainer.

I find it easier and loads more enjoyable than any other cardio workout!!
I cant run for pants, Biking really hurts my ass lmao.
I think I might join a class at my gym though :) that should be fun!


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I love running, I am starting to get that buzz from it. However I can only do 20 minutes max at the moment but that is an improvement on the "couldn't run at all" attitude I had two weeks ago.


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I go to spin classes 3-4 times a week. Love it!
Wow, where do you get your energy from? Did a weekly spin class for a few weeks last year and loved it but can't see how I could push beyond 2 a week. Stopped regular exercise for a while and have just dusted off my bike aiming for regular short morning rides all summer. Also intend to start spinning again.

I love Zumba for a fun and efficient aerobic workout :)
I love doing Body pump and Body Attack in the gym and i go to a seperate Thai Boxing class.

I used to enjoy Body Combat but feel a bit unfulfilled punching thin air when i can let rip on a bag and a person with pads in the Thai gym


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I love running too. Hard to get out the door but once I'm out, I love it. I've tried everything else (not rollerblading, mind), and nothing compares to running outdoors. Plus its low tech - I tend to break things, or myself if it gets too high tech (thinking anything with a ball, wheels, steps or gym equipment!) I get bored easily too with other stuff but I can run for ages (I'm slow but can go far!) That said, I do like spin classes as well.


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I enjoy running, especially interval running. But my favourite is netball. Have loads of fun, and don't really feel like exercise.
I love doing cardio using My Fitness Coach on the Wii.
60 minutes of that, 5 days a week is tough but you can definately see the results.
My fave cardio is cross trainer or out on a bike ride listening to some soothing gangsta rap
I really love using a Hula Hoop and Boxing. Not too taxing and rather enjoyable :)

I think it's important to find something you enjoy rather than something your forcing yourself to do.

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