most of my "meals" in the evening - is this ok?

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  1. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    cambridge, sole source. (trying!)

    sometimes i have 1/2 shake for lunch, then nothing till 6 when i hve my soup, and then all the rest (bar from frezzer, and hlf a tetra frozen into lollys)

    is it ok to have most of it at night?

    should i try to space it out more through out the day?

    will it be hard when i stop cd to stop snacking in the night?
    should i be getting used to it now?? many questions sorry!!! xx
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  3. abz

    abz Gold Member

    i think you are supposed to spread them out a wee bit hon as i have heard of people coming out of ketosis if they have everything at once...

    if you can manage through most of the day without anything then i don't see why you couldn't spread them a couple of hours apart through the afternoon and evening?

    abz xx
  4. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Silver Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hi, most days I have my first shake after 1 and the other two a bar and a shake together at around 5. If it works for you and you don't cheat then do it.
  5. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    cambridge, sole source. (trying!)
    seems to be working (apart from week 3)
    the evenings are hard for me, my o/h snacks all night (and doesnt put on a lb!) so it makes me wanna do the same.
    if ive got "good" things to snack on hopefully its ok?? x
  6. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    Hi hun, I think its ok but one thing my cdc said to me is that its good to have something straight away when you wake up in the morning that it kicks starts the metabalism therfor starting to get the lbs of earlier in the day rather than later when you have your 1st shake.

    I used to have mine at 1, 5 and 8.30/9

    Nights very hard for me aswell.

    Now i have mine at 9,1,7ish :) :) hth

  7. Amanda71

    Amanda71 Silver Member

    I spread mine out through the day and have nothing after about 1830(trying to get into good habits) :)
    Like you, hubby sits there eating everything under the sun! Last night it was a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce, two bags of crisps and a bowl of cereal!
    It just doesn't bother me or make me hungry at all now(first few days were hard though). In fact, it horrifies me that he's constantly eating! lol
    Whatever works for you though :)
  8. Daisy_Duke13

    Daisy_Duke13 Full Member

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    Heya....i always try and have one in the morning but no earlier than 10, then i hold out till as late as possible in the afternoon and then have one about 8pm...i really dont think it matters too much but im not a professh lol...with this diet think its all about what suits you and keeps you on the straight and narrow!
    Like you i find late afternoon and evenings my worsssttt times and everytime ive cheated its been 4.30 onwards (ive been doing the diet on off since feb so i have cheated a few times lol)
    Well done on the losses!!xx
  9. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    I don't personally see it as a problem - as long as you always have the 3 ... (only one should be frozen or microwaved though!) and drink plenty of water spaced out through the day. That is definately important and if the "eating" is working for you then I think leave it as it is!
  10. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    cambridge, sole source. (trying!)
    although i might try and cut it down as worried when i come off cd i'll still want to be munching all night!! x
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