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mostly Green days????? advice please

Hi I'm just wondering if;

1 If its ok to have mostly green days?

2 If I have mostly rice, potatoes and pasta (im a carb girl) will I still loose weight, im guessing ~NO !

As although i do eat plenty of fruit, i dont seem to eat much salad and veggies.

Just the above for lunch and tea, I seem to eat so much more than when I did WW too !
Thank you in advance. x :D
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oh yes, I do, but I think it maybe an old book, it says to have two HE A's and B's is this still correct is is it now 1 of each?

I have the upto date food directory too bought off ebay!
I currently cannot afford to go to the meetings.
I donthave much to loose, but my hubby and friends think im going to put weight on for sure by eating carbs every day, rather that fish and lettuce as my other slimming friends eat, i so want to prove them wrong, but affraid i'll put on!!!!
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I do mainly green days as I'm not a fan of meat. Yes it is possible to lose weight & mine has stayed off.

I usually add lots of veggies to things, it doesn't matter what veggies you like just add lots to whatever you make. Do you like quorn, there are so many receipes you can make using quorn. You could make spag bol & puree some carrots & onions into the sauce. You can also add pureed veg to lots of things, eg shepherds pie, chilli etc
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I always follow green days as I am vegetarian and have either rice, potatoes or pasta every day. The only thing I would say is that I do lose weight slowly (1lb a week) but because I am always full I don't mind the slow weight loss too much.
Slimming world wouldn't have a green day plan if you didn't lose weight on it!
Don't listen to others, dieting isn't about fish and lettuce, it's about restricting the things like bread, cereal, sweets, crisps, alcohol and meat/fish (on green days).
I love rice, pasta and potatoes and regularly fill up on them. A pasta dish for me consists of 100g dry weight pasta which is a lot.
You shouldn't gain on green days - just trust in the plans!!!


Wishing and hoping!
I currently follow green days as I have pretty much eat little meat now and eat carbs every day x2 (albeit I measure about 100-115g of it) but you can eat what you want. i eat loads of veg as well and find I will not stack on rubbish things as carbs keep me going for longer :)
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I do only Green days cos I'm veggie. I started SW 5 weeks ago and when I weighed in this morning I had lost a total of 15lbs in that time :) so it does work!

I eat carbs twice a day, and love that I can!

I have done mostly green days for almost 12 months and have lost nearly 6 and a half stone...it works!
Also although you can have lots of pasta and rice and potatoes etc it isnt all you can have there are many delicous meals you can have on the plan and I actually think I ate less of those carbs than I did in the past!
Give it a go and see how it suits you! x


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I lost all my weight on green as I am vegetarian - I ate carbs at every meal but always ensured that I incuded loads of veg as the the basis of the meal

I lost weight consistently and got to target in only 11 months