Mother's Day

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by hexe, 26 March 2014.

  1. hexe

    hexe Well-Known Member

    It's upon us again :) Mothering Sunday.
    They know not to buy booze or chocolates for me and eating out is also cancelled.
    Has anybody got some SW-friendly ideas I could pass on to my kids and hubby? (And no, I can't have them cooking, they'll spoil the food and probably blow up my kitchen LOL)
    Hoping for nice weather, BBQ might be a good idea?
    I am still dreaming of a diet-friendly restaurant, you know, where they state syns/points on the menue ;)
  2. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Well-Known Member

    We don't celebrate Mothers Day in our house, its just not something we do, but we do buy each other Christmas stockings & one year OH put in some bags of dried fruit, which you can have as a hexb, ok it seems odd, but it was a lovely idea.

    Or how about some nice candles or if they want to 'treat' you how about some individually wrapped cake bars that way you can have one at a time without feeling like you have to eat them all now, or they could do you a 'basket' of food say tinned prunes (hexb), tinned apples (hexb), Alpen lights, etc.
  3. EmilieClare

    EmilieClare Active Member

    This is what my hubby done for Valentines day for me <3

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  4. louisedan

    louisedan Well-Known Member

    morrisons are doing packs of fruit etc-all wrapped up for less than a tenner
  5. hexe

    hexe Well-Known Member

    I actually heard the rumour that they opted for perfume and flowers :)
    If the weather stays as nice as it was today, maybe the season's first BBQ is on the cards?
    All you mums/stepmums/carers/guardians.... out there, have a lovely day tomorrow xx

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