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Motivation lacking...


I'm sitting at work, knowing that I should be going to the gym - but I just cant be arsed!

Should I go? I've had a long day, and although it will energise me I really cannot be bothered!

I got knocked out of ketosis yesterday (not even my fault - grrr) so have been having cravings and feeling fed up since then. Im hoping that the gym will make me not want to eat!

Also, has anyone esle found that their motivation seems to be slowing when theyre getting nearer their goal? I'm 13lbs away - have never been so close in my whole life - yet i feel less motivated then when i had 50lbs to lose!

This last stone is going to be a killer...any advice/encouragement?

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has started again!!
I have never been this close to goal, but all I can say is think of why you started LL in the first place, refocus on your initial goal be it health, happiness or just vanity!! That reason is still there, that is why you wanted (and still want) to lose the weight, and the end result will be fantatsic!!

Just hang in there and it honestly wont take long!! You know it makes sense!!!
Thanks Sez - I dont know why im having such probs! I'm stuck in the 13s at the mo - when I hit those 12s I think it will be an emotional experience as i dont think i have ever been 12 stone something!

God - nobody told me that this diet would change mw in so many ways!

Have a good evening



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Hi slimbride

Hope you are feeling a bit better. It is worse the closer to goal you get. I've been to goal and back up a couple of stone. I think the last bit is hardest because you are almost normal. I found that my new found confidence boosted me so much that I just wanted to get back to living a normal life.

Still I keep on plugging and hope that you do to. Don't stop because it's so true that it's harder to start once you've stopped.

Good luck!


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I can identify with what you were saying, Slimbride.

"....I'm stuck in the 13s at the mo - when I hit those 12s I think it will be an emotional experience as i dont think i have ever been 12 stone something!...."

In the past I'd always been unable to get below 13 stone and was somewhat apprehensive as I approached this milestone (again). Would I succeed? or fail again?

Well, this time I was fine. However, I did take time to explore how I really felt about being 'slim' for the first time. Was I afraid? I was coming out of my 'comfort zone' of being surrounded by fat, did I subsonsciously feel uncomfortable about my changing shape and how it would affect myself and others? Did I deliberately sabotage my diet at this stage because I was afraid of being slim?

I did get over the hurdle and carry on to eventually succeed. Now I am learning to maintain this new healthy weight.... that's another story!
Thanks for all your comments - I know exactly what you mean about almost being at goal and being 'normal' again - I love it! All my clothes fit, feel good etc. The problem is that mentially i fell that i really need to get to 12.7 so i can be truly happy with all i have achived.

I have told myself that the quicker i get there, the quicker i get to management!

I'm glad other people have found the last stone hard though!

Weigh in tonight - fingers crossed!

You've done brilliantly so far, you have to remember that. The light is there at the end of the tunnel now so keep going!

It's really hard to get out of old habits, and rarely do I feel like going to the gym, but when I get there I enjoy it and come out feeling better, generally and about myself.

A few pounds and a couple of weeks to go. You can do it!


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I agree - I'm on day 99 and this week I have struggled with the diet much more than at any other time. I think partly it's because I know I have another stone to lose after the 100 days to get to a healthy BMI, but my brain is saying "no, you're done now!"

Quiet, brain - you are wrong!

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