Motivation Please?!


Size 14 here i come!
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Well you have come to the right place!!
Have a read of the threads they will get you moving. If you have done it before then you know it works and remember that feeling of shrinking so quickly. Your first weigh in is the best feeling ever! It's tough going but so worth it. I am back for a 2nd go too, so are lots on here so you are in good company. Come on back, you know you wanna!


I will be skinny again!!!
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Just read through everyones posts! I wasnt going to do TFR again and was gonna try it the long way!

But seeing everyone inspiring each other and everyones great losses really put me in the mindset to do it again!

Good luck getting your mojo back mrs!


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Hi Babybear

I remember you! You know you have come to the best place for inspiration and support. I know that if it wasnt for this forum I wouldnt have got so far last time!

I am a restarter, so know where you are coming from, like many others.

Just keep positive and with the attitude that yo can do this and there is no reason then why you should fail.

Look forward to seeing how you get on this week.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Babybear, you will do well on LT. Keep reading the threads here when you need a boost. There is always lots of people on here. We are all in the same boat no matter how little or much we have to lose. You can do it, just keep strong!


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Checking out people's progress photos always motivates me. I love being totally gobsmacked at how well they've done and how different they look. Go on, go and have a nose it'll lift you in no time at all :D


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Coming on here is a big boost in the motivation deparment!
If youre like me and avoid people because of your weight, just imagine their faces when they see a new, skinnier and hotter you :D.

Even that thought alone makes me want to do some exercise! :O


5 stone to go!
hey sweetie, as everybody else has said this place is the best place for you. have a look through the pictures and the posts old and new! and youll get the motivation you need. also take some me time to think about what you want. this diet does work, and theres no better time to start than now as its the beginning of a new year and this place is buzzing with restarters and newbies!!..jump on board you know you can do it once and for all! of luck ! x