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motivation, tips, stories and sayings....

Fancy sharing them with moi?

How do you stay on track? Anyone said anything inpiration to you recently? Dropped a dress size?

I'm writing my dissertation so i'm sorta back and forth after typing big chunks and although not really thinking about food i'd like to hear your little stories :)

My mama said to me yesterday "I've vacuum packed all those clothes you wanted to throw away cos they were too big. I've stored them cos i know you'll do it this time"

awww, i love my mama, she really made me smile xxx
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I don't envy you doing your dissertation!! I hated writing mine.. I'm meant to have started studying for my accounting exams (resits!!) in may but it's just so much like hard work..

I have no idea where my willpower is coming from, I guess my head is just in the right place this time, and this diet costs a lot so i think it would be stupid of me to stray!!

I guess I just really really really want to succeed.. that's all the motivation I need!!

me & mum went to a shop on saturday though and when paying we were talking to the cashier and said we were on diets (mum's not on CD cos she's diabetic) and the cashier said "well, neither of you look like you need to be dieting"... I was only half chuffed, cos the cashier was bigger than us so naturally would say that! but it's still nice to hear...

other than that my boss keeps telling me my arms and legs have got much slimmer, and all my family have been very supportive and compliment me every time I see them, so it all helps :)

I've got a big heap of clothes on my bedroom floor which I need to get rid of, they're all too big now :D I still have things that are too small though, must keep going!!!


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I found that surprising my evil mother in law with the fact that I've stuck to it my most rewarding, she's not really speaking to me because I'm thinner than her now, she liked it when I was big hee hee.

I also found walking past groups of children and not getting laughed at great boost xx


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Dutch look at your ticker!!! from and to. Wow:wow: Mine hasn't moved that far so I'm really impressed with yours! And what a journey!

My friend that I haven't seen for a while came around yesterday and said I looked so skinny!! I had to laugh. How can 11stone be skinny? I think she meant skinnier! We were working out BMI's etc, and in reality I need to lose another 11/2 st and she needs to lose 2. MMMMmmm Plus I can't fit into some of my smallest clothes yet, so I can't give up CD just yet. Shame.


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you keep me on track miss leah.. and the people who come n read n post on my diary.. they keep me on track.. when i feel rubbish.. i go n read some of the comments that people have left.. n it makes me feel like.. "Yeah.. i can do this.. so i will"..

x x x
ahh leah ur mum sounds really cool! Well you guys keep me on track alot and reading all the stories in here etc. Also my bf hes been great through all this. seeing the scales going down instead of up and shopping for clothes is starting to become more enjoyable!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!
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The most motivating moment for me is an odd one.... I kept wearing the same clothes for quite some time, trying to save money on replacing them. One day I got to work and looked in the mirror, trousers were too long as they were hanging so low, sleeves hanging off the end of my arms, shoulders of the top half way down arms... I suddenly realised I looked like Tom Hanks in Big when he shrunk down to a little boy but still had the same clothes on, it felt magical!


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