motivation what do u do


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Think about why you started your diet in the first place and remember how you want to look.

Is their anyone apart from yourself who you want to impress with your weight loss.

I am sure you can think of reasons why you need to lose weight and just keep those in your mind when you feel like flagging.


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Okay think I understand've had 3 great weeks and that should be a good motivation!
Think it's been said before, but setting mini goals and rewarding yourself is important.
Seeing my before pics I know I don't want to go back to that unhealthy weight.


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I just walk up my stairs and notice how knackered and out of breath I feel - not that I can miss it!!!!! I also try to remember that EVERY mouthful of on-plan food will make a difference to my weight, my health and my confidence! xxx


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<<< I look at the beautiful dress I want to be able to wear on my 21st in a size 12, a 10 would be incredible but I'd be happy with a 12! I'm a long way off either right now so thinking about it really motivates me! xxx


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Force myself to log in on minimins (I normally can't keep off it!) and look at inspiring stories from people who have lost stones and look through recipe threads for ideas.
This works for me! Well, it works enough to get me through the blips


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thank you all not sure why i'm flagging just having a bad week i guess. this isn't my first time with sliming world i have done it more times than i can count i have lost the same 2 st 4 times.
to be honest i think i didn't plan that well this week i planned in snacks but not enough for week.
i was thinking about getting my before pic the one that made me decide it was time again and getting a pic of how i want to look and putting them in my purse cause to be fair i'm ok at home cause i have nothing in but its when i'm out.
i think i'm gonna gain this week i deserve to and need to cause then it will kick me into gear. just hope its not to big of a gain
thank you all for your advice


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You will do it because you know you can.

Philly X, is that the dress on your profile, if it is, it is gorgeous.

You have given me a great idea now that I should look for a dress now for my 40th and use that as added inspiration. That is my motivation to diet so that I look good for my big birthday in September.


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I find thinking about the summer coming soon and wanting to be able to wear nice summer dresses/shorts etc without feeling ugly helps me.
Whatever works for you is best :)


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that is fab idea about putting the pic in your purse as a lady at our class does that as she doesn't like idea of one on fridge for all to see but this way she sees it every time she is tempted to buy something she shouldn't. I would also say go on sw site and read the inspiration stories as they help me and also this site inspires me with everyones posts as we all have that moments and we all help each other through it. I find just having a moan on her helps too as you get to vent then get support from like minded people and it lifts you again. Just set little targets and the big one will soon come. Picture yourself in that little dress you like or that skinny jeans and just think yep I can do this and I will and the time will come when the picture you have is that one and it will be on fridge for all to see as you will deserve to show it off to the world xx


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Go through wedding dress websites, or any nice clothes websites and I know if I carry on I can buy from there!


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I think about how much better I feel now at 21lb lighter than I was and all the advantages that have come with it:- more energy, better skin, no heartburn (from eating crap), less of a roll around my tum when I sit down, bra not digging into my back/underarms, compliments from people, hair in better condition, enjoying cooking yummy meals, the feelings of excitement when stepped on the scales in class and lost, the excitement and hugs(!!) from my SW consultant, the clap from the group, fitting into smaller clothes that used to be so tight....THEN I think how these lovely things will continue and become even better the more I lose!! If you're bored with the food you're eating, try and vary it a bit more and cook lots of different things you might not normally have! I get lots of inspiration from Minimins, my SW consultant, the SW mags and recipe books!X

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What Heather said! xxx


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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - do not use 'negative' stuff to motivate you.

This includes putting 'fat' pictures on the fridge, in your purse, etc.

Think about it- you are basically waving failure in front of your own face to try and keep going- you would never do this to a friend or your kids. You need to use positive things to motivate you.

Have a picture of you looking fab in your purse, buy a gorgeous dress like above, think about how good you will feel/fantastic you will look.

Don't try and emotionally bully yourself into losing weight- it won't work long term


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I know I've posted on this already, but definitely second what cocktailprincess has just said! It's so destructive to use negative imagery! I hate it when people say self-loathing things like "I've got to get rid of all this fat" etc. It's much more productive to say "I really can't wait to be slim and this time I'm going to do it"! Try looking forward to it and going to some shops and looking at lovely clothes you'd love to fit into- take photos on your mobile of things you've seen and keep looking at them as motivation!!X


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1. Ask myself this: ''is the 5 minutes of enjoyment (of whatever it is tempting me) worth the rest of the week feeling like poo and a gain?''

2. Look at my engagement ring and think of the dress I will be wearing

3. Simply remind self that I joined SW for a reason - unhappiness with my body.

I'm going on a hen do abroad in summer, so i go upstair and put a bakini on and have a good look at myself.... it normally's not a pretty site lol!!! It will be by summer though x


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I have written out the reasons I want to lose weight and I read it regularly.