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Motivation when things are rough


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Things at home are tricky ( to put it mildly) and it's having the worst effect on my eating.
While I keep telling myself to concentrate on me etc, I just can't seem to get motivated or stay that way.
I'm not one for wallowing or for being negative but I'm really struggling to not overeat and/or eat off plan.

Has anyone out there managed to stick to plan when it feels like everything is falling down around your ears?

Or am I being kinder to myself to come off plan?
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Whenever I'm feeling down and feel like a bit of a binge, I just think to myself "is it worth it?". What would you really prefer, gauging on all of that food, or to lose weight. Hope things start looking up for you soon xx


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Sometimes when life goes a bit bonkers and it feels like everything is out of your control, I'd turn to the plan. It's the one thing where you get to take back the control and feel like you are making something positive out of bad situations.

Hope things pick up for you soon x


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I'm going through a difficult time at home too. I have the opposite at the moment in that I'm not eating much at all. I am making a huge effort to eat and to eat fairly healthily. I haven't been recording what I've been eating and not been on plan 100% but I am managing to lose a small amount.
I am determined to not let the recent events ruin all my hard work. I am not going to go back to over eating and binging. That will just be letting the situation take control.
Hope it works out for you.


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Check out my post a week or so ago on focusing when world turned upside down. I got lots of advice from others that have been there.
When I'm feeling low or a little out of control I sit and look through the inspirational photos thread. It helps you think about why you're doing it and why you want to stick to it. I think it's a good motivator and even if everything else is going wrong, at least you can think to yourself that you CAN MAKE THIS WORK!! if nothing else... :)


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Keep reading posts, maybe make a food diary plan of food you like - go and buy the food and stick to it.
If everything is going a bit bonkers in your life, you can control your food.
Exercise always makes you feel better too (endorphins) so take your anger out in a boxercise class or something?
Hope things turn the corner soon for you xx


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Ktjohnson89 - this is exactly what I have done recently. Its so motivating to see people who started off in exactly the same position as you and are now at target (or nearly there).

Keep coming on here and looking thourgh posts, recipes etc etc, I try to come on here at least once a day, it helps me to keep focused!

Basically keep slogging, keep getting weighed, keep just trying your best.
If you can stick to it whilst everything is going to pot, imagine how easy it will feel in comparison when things start to improve!


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Thank you so much everyone. I will look for the 'upside down' post and look at other people's pictures.

You're completely right with the idea that sticking to plan means that I'm at least in control of something, unfortunately it doesn't always work that way when the rubber hits the road...but I'm going to keep trying, as you say. I'm sure at some point things will fall into place.

I spent today with my friend and she's going to start Slimming World in the New Year. We have decided to support each other, so hopefully that will help too.


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Hi vegemite. So sorry things are rough at the moment for you. I completely identify with how you're feeling, and wanting to eat to deal with emotions. I have spent most of my adult life overweight and have tried every diet under the sun - sw is the best. That said, I have been very inconsistent since I started in summer but and when I hit a rough patch in October I put nearly all the weight back on that I had lost but...for the first time in my life instead of giving up completely, I kept coming back to plan - maybe just for one or two days - but that feels like a real achievement for me and I've decided that this is what I am going to keep doing. Weight may win many battles with me but I am determined to win the war! It probably sounds really obvious but I find I am much less likely to binge and crave unhealthy stuff if I don't let myself become hungry. Don't skip breakfast or lunch and don't leave dinner too late. Planning for the week really helps me too. Don't be hard on yourself if you keep going off plan, just keep trying and you will be able to get back on the horse. Keep checking in on here too - everyone is great and so supportive xxx


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I'm going to keep going to class as much as possible. In the past when things have gone in this direction, I've thrown in the towel but this time I'm determined to lose the weight so whether I lose or gain, I'm sticking with it.
I'm sure at some point things will click...


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Things have been a bit difficult for me lately, also, with a falling out within the family. The way I'm looking at it is... things will always go wrong, somewhere, somehow. Will I always let that keep me from being who I want to be? Not on your nelly!
I suppose life throws us these challenges to see how firm we are in our resolve to do it. I'm doing it. You can too x x
Things will click for you, I had a real wobbly moment a couple of weeks back, and only just managed to stick to plan! At the end of that week I got my 1 stone award, and I was so proud of myself for not giving up straight away. When you make little achievements like that, you will feel so much better about yourself, and be really chuffed that you stuck to it! :)


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I've had to come back on here to re-read what I wrote, cos I'm feeling very demotivated right now lol!

Was hoping for 1 stone sticky by christmas, only had 1lb to lose and lost 0.5lb. Thats now 1.5lb in 4 weeks :( I seem to be coming to a full stop. And I cant even blame christmassy things or nights out cos I've only had one in those 4 weeks!
Anyways, I digress, this thread isnt about me...