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Motivation & Willpower needed !!


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Hi Tracey,

Sounds like self sabotage paid you a visit:party0036::eatdrink051::eatdrink023:

I know your feeling pretty low and disappointed in yourself not too mention the food hang over.

All I can say is that this can happen and it does to a good few new vlcd'ers as it can take time to come to terms and get your head around this sort of diet TFR means no food.


Make sure you have taken your before photos...sometimes they can help to shock you into motivation:rolleyes:

Body measurements so that you can watch these come down each week along with your weight.

List of Big goals and mini goals.

Do a time line of where you want to be each month, Halloween, Christmas and this time next year.:)

Do a visual wan-na-be board and put it up where you can see it or just use magnets on the front of the fridge door is another way of doing it.

Cut out pictures from Magazines of your favourite holiday destinations, clothes, cars, houses and people you aspire to be like and put them on it.

Good luck with weigh in.

Love Mini xxx
sending you lots of willpower, now just refocus and no more food!!!! good luck with your WI


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Thank you - I knew immediately that I would feel crap but by then it was too late - duhhh. :cry:
Back on the wagon this morning, but still feel like crap. :sigh:
I like the idea of the visual aids board - could always get the kids to help me as well
dear madferrett
i send my best movitational vibes!!! im on day 2 and its hard. how do people manage when they have kids with yummy food in the house? i have to cook their food and run away incase i rugby tackle them for their dinner - the shame!:eek:


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Hi Tracy,
Put last night behind you,don't dwell on it.Just draw a line under it and NEVER DO IT AGAIN lol.:D
Hope your weigh in goes well tomorrow.Keep us posted.
Word of caution..you may still have a good loss this week,if you do, don't think you will get away with eating /picking every week ;) Because you wont. I wish you all the best.:D


Mad as a Hatter
I have 2 boys, 5 & 2 and until doing this diet didn't realise how much of their 'leftovers' I would automatically put in my mouth. Now whatever they leave goes straight in the bin - even the dog is losing weight, as I used to feed her the scraps as well...
Get a grip girl! who u doing this for???????? NO CHEATING AT ALL this is for you so get back into focus hun and do ANYTHING to keep your thoughts away from cheating, your head has to be in the right place so TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS , you can do it cos we can and we are just like you, plaster a load of 'fat' pictures all over the place just to remind you why your doing it and why on earth didnt you get on here first? we arent going to judge you hun we all know how hard it can be so get back on the wagon, and get on here if times get hard thats wat i do allllllll the time, just reread all the posts, look at the pics it works honest! we know you can do it xxx


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I was the same Tracy. For the first few weeks I use to forget and put things in my mouth then quickly spit it out.lol Hubby has lost a stone as I wont have anything nice in the house. My 11 year old isn't bothered about goodies really (not sure where she gets that from:rolleyes:)


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ok, listen up....there is a reason ur on this board and it looks like this....


there is a little switch in the brain that u need to flick on -it is called the 'bloody-minded bish switch' - now go find it and flick the little blighter!!!! No more foodddddddddddddddddddddddddd

consider urself thoroughly told off!!!

btw - this is my idea of motivation....hope it helps :D
dont feel too low - just jump back on the wagon :)


Mad as a Hatter
Thanks for all your comments.. it is working... even the ones where I feel like I have had a 'verbal slap' only joking !!!

Cheers guys - you are stars !!!

I have 2 boys, 5 & 2 and until doing this diet didn't realise how much of their 'leftovers' I would automatically put in my mouth. Now whatever they leave goes straight in the bin - even the dog is losing weight, as I used to feed her the scraps as well...
its amazing isnt it how much we do actually pick on i was exactly the same x


Says it as it is!!!
I agree with everyone else...but also want to highlight drinking in ketosis is HIGHLY dangerous & can be fatal!!!! you are very lucky you aer just feeling crap....you could have ben very very very ill... Now pull yourself together and positive thoughts...
Drink your shakes, forget food and BE SLIM!!! X


Mad as a Hatter
Went for my weigh in - only lost 1.5 lbs but only myself to blame, so this morning I am back on the train - and this time it is going to work ..

Thank you

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