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Hi all, been to class tonight and stayed the same,:sigh: didn't expect much else and was glad i didn't put on, need a boost cos i know i can do it when i put my mind to it. I want to be able to move my ticker along like so many of you all have, i know the res no magic potion you have to be dedicated to do this and maybe this is me rambling on to talk me into getting back on track:) so i am going to be very good this week and i have set my target for 2lb off next week. Watch my ticker! :rolleyes:
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well i'm going for 2lbs for next week (wed) myself - 'we can do it!' let me know how you get on & let me know if you need any motivation. at the moment I have a really fat picture of myself on the fridge - i can hardly bare to look at it -it's from 2 years ago when I was about 21lbs heavier- andits there to remind me that I don't want to go back there. and sometimes I also put a thin picture there (more often that not its my head on a magazine picture lol)



Mad old Bat with Attitude
That shows determination! Now take time out and PLAN your weeks eating and shopping and you will find it much easier to stick to. Good luck!
Thank you mateys, i will take your kind words and put them into action for this week, i have my big and small pic on my fridge and i know which one i like seeing the most, i am going to lose that 2lb.
what day are you weighing in on?
Good for you Hun!!!
Keep up that determination and motivation and you will get that 2lb before you know it!

Good luck, I'm putting my pic onthe fridge today and one in my purse so I remember when I'm out what I'm doing. I also have a pair of jeans, a sexy camisole top and a wonderful jacket in my wardrobe that I WILL fit into again.

I also have a postcard on my fridge that has a woman on it form war time Britain saying "Think positive, you can do it". Find a saying that motivates you, read one saying "I will be fit, I will be strong, I will look good in my thong" made me giggle anyways. Think good things about yourself as you wouldn't let someone else verbally abuse you so please don't do it to yourself .
I think it is really damaging to use a 'fat picture' to beat yourself up with. This is negative encouragement aimed at making ourselves feel so bad we have to stick to something.

It is so much more helpful to use positive encouragement- put a picture on the fridge of you looking slim and fantastic- use encouragement as a motivation, not bad feelings!

Try and avoid the "I look awful", "I am so fat" thoughts and use "I am going to look amazing", "I feel so in control" to encourage yourself.

I don't think I have a positive picture of myself (most my slim pics were with my ex and I got rid). Could use my wedding pics but then I would like to be smaller than that.
x Alex x whats your weigh in day ?

i weigh in on my home scales on a wed which is what my stats are based on and i weigh in at SW on a thurs pm (but i dont record that on here as it would get too confusing)
Well done! I will update tomorrow, although had a sneaky peek tonight and i've stayed the same. hopefully may drop overnight lol
i lost 1.8 on home scales so nearly 2!

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