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**Motivational Monday!!**

Ria C

Full Member

Didnt see a post for adding our thoughts and support to get through today so thought I'd start one..Sorry if im stepping on any toes ;)

Post on here to let us know how you are getting on today..

Im full of cold but at least its got rid of my appetite! Hoping for a 2lb loss to get me to my mini goal of 9st 4lbs....

Good luck to all those that have WI today....lets have a good day!!!!! :grouphugg:
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Cambridge Consultant
Morning Ria , and everyone else......

Ria, well done for nearly being at goal I bet you feel so good!

I am at work today.. after a busy weekend..... the weather is not so great in london today so its not so bad being sat in an office....

Looking foward to my cd training on wednesday only 2 days to go.........



Mistress of the Dark
morning everyone!

day 2 of my restart and all is well. been at work for 2 hours already.

preparing myself for tomorrow as i have an interview at swansea uni to study there in september. excited but nervous!!! x


Slimming down the aisle
Oooh Curly, how exciting!!! Hope the training goes well! I'm not sure if I'd want to be a CDC. Part of me thinks I'd love to help other people once I've got there, and I do seriously believe in the diet. But not sure I'd actually be good at it really.

soontobelittlegem, what am I meant to call you?? hehe Hope your interview goes well! What are you hoping to study?

Not sure if I'll be around much today, my uni results are published at 4pm so need to distract myself as much as possible as I feel sick with nerves! Was planning on having a big walk anyway, but it's now pouring with rain. So might stay here and try and distract myself for the next 349 minutes!!

Have my WI tonight at 7, not sure how it'll go, been a bit of a mixed week! So we'll see I suppose.


Silver Member
Morning !
I am ironing again Go Me !!! Can't wait to see empty ironing baskets !

Ria - fingers crossed for the 2lbs Loss !

Curly - hope the CD training goes well, I am sure you will be as great as your gorgeous photos !!!!!!

Caroline - Good Luck for the big news at 4 and a successful weigh in !

Soon to be Little - Good Luck for your Uni Interview tomorrow, hope all goes well.

I am just waiting for the postman, then going to do the rest of the ironing.

Physio at 2.20pm, hope it helps and I should be back to work Friday, altho I may put a days hol in and be off until next Monday - I hve been so worried about all my cases on my desk and hope someone is watching over things for me, got told off for keep ringing work as I should be resting my frozen shoulder but I can't help it !!!!!!!!!!


WILL be Slim!
morning all....having a poo day here, feeling rotten so back home from work and in bed! Got the dr's at 11.40.....dont know whether to go becuase i'm desperately hoping that they wont say that i feel rough becuase of the diet....that's going to really p£ss me off! I have no energy, aching, going hot and cold, and have stomach ache... :(
so the judge is still out on that one!

Curly, dead excited for you hun re wednesday

Caroline, hope the results go ok!!!!! Fingers crossed!

Ria, fingers and toes crossed for that last 2lbs!!!!! :)

stbl, good luck for your uni interview tomorrow!!!! VEry exciting! I loved uni, best years of your life!

Charley, stop with the ironing....your making me look bad! lol

Oh, and on another not, by DH got a job!!!! He's been unemployed for 9 months and not even had an interview, and then he had an interview last tues...and found out he got the job today! I'm so pleased for him....we're so broke, and now we will have an additional income!! YIPPEE!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a super day today....hope i feel better soon :(


Ria C

Full Member
LizzMB Thats great news about your DH!

Hope youre feeling better soon..xx :sick:


Silver Member
morning all i am still plodding away i have been rubbish with my water so i am getting back on track with it today.

hoping to hear from some of the job applications this week fingers crossed for an interview.

take care girlies xx


Silver Member
Liz - I finished the ironing ! BUT still have hubby's to do, maybe give him a suprise ! Off to physio soon ! Well done on DH getting a job too!

Fingers crossed for you Kerry !!!


Silver Member
Afternoon all!!

Decided to move up to 810 today and stick with it, happy with my choice,yes it might take longer but its not a race!! Hope yesterdays nibbling (and couple bits of toast :d'oh:) didnt do too much damage and that any fluid retention clears itself by WI Weds 3pm!

Caroline- good luck with Uni results!

Hope everybody has good days today.
Hey caroline wheres your uni results and your WI ones ? waiting with bated breath here!

Hve had a good 100% day here again today one more shake to do and some flippin ironing AGAIN !



Slimming down the aisle
Hi.... we do indeed have results!

Uni first. Mixed, I passed which is great! Got 54% and 58% in two of them, which is good, but I guess I hoped for better. I failed one module but I knew that was going to happen as I hadn't submitted one assignment as I was ill at the time. So have arranged to submit it with reassessment in August so it'll be fine. So I've passed the year basically.

Now, WI. I've had a bit of a mixed week. A wedding where there was no healthy food, so I ate a small amount. But here's my weigh in... 17st 5lbs, so lost 4lbs this week!! Which I'm VERY happy with! But the best bit...
bust -1in
waist -1in
thighs -1in
arms -0.5in
and a massive 3.5 inches off my hips!!!

So good day today really!! My WI was definitely enough to cheer me up after any disappointment with my uni marks!!


Silver Member
Thats great news Caroline!! well done on both!

Just watched Torchwood, really enjoyed it.
Off to bed soon after my mint hot choc. x


Silver Member
nothing in the post for me today job wise so fingers crossed for tomorrow trying to up my spirts up but it is hard i am sick of having no money and no life aahhhh

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