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I just finished my first day SS on Cambridge - it was ok actually. I already know I don't like Fruits of the forest, Spicy tomato is quite nice and Chocolate tetras might just save my life :eek:).

I haven't told anyone I'm doing this diet for various reasons so I wanted to kind of 'announce' it so I don't have the excuse to cheat or go easy on myself because "no-one knows anyway."

I know we've all gots tons of reasons to start on CD but just wanted to mention one reason that I'm starting and really need to stay on it 100%.

I'm sorry in advance if this contains a bit too much information or is a bit upsetting. Just felt like it was something I had to write. I'm a nurse so I'm going to fudge some details here for confidentiality. A while ago, a youngish mother was admitted to the hospital where I worked. She was about 26 stone. Her son had found her gasping in bed one morning and called an ambulance. Her heart stopped but they were able to restart it luckily. I looked after her some of the time in hospital. It sounds stupid to say this - I knew being overweight was bad for your health, obviously :) but the problems this poor woman suffered in hospital made me determined to do something about my own weight. She had something called obstructive sleep apnoea due to her weight, which meant she would randomly stop breathing during the night and go blue very fast (the reason why her heart had stopped in the first place). It took six people to move her from bed to bed and to turn her to wash her. It was very difficult to get needles/lines in her which I know caused her a lot of pain. Her young family were very upset especially when it became clear that she had brain damage because her brain had been deprived of oxygen too long.

I'm sorry if I'm being too graphic here but it really hit home to me. I'm in my twenties and if I keep putting on weight at the rate I am, I'm in trouble. I want to have more confidence, and wear much smaller clothes, but in the end, most of all, I want to be around thirty years from now.

These boards are great by the way. Thanks for all the really helpful tips so far.
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wow!...it really kinda hits home when you here it from a nurses view point as well...im glad its give you some motivation even if the circumstances were not nice for that poor woman and her child...good luck...x

diddy x


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Hello and Wow.

I am glad you got through your first day, I started yesterday too, I haven't tried the shakes you have but I can recommend toffee and walnut, and tell you that Brocolli and Cheese in my opinion is gross.

That story really touched me, I know what you mean. When I say to my personal trainer and my CDC that I don't want to be slimmer so I look good, primarily I want to be healthy they scoff but health is so important, and hearing that story really drives that home.

I haven't told very many people, perhaps it's pride, or that I don't want the whole "it's unhealthy", "You will put on as quickly as you lost it" arguement, maybe it's just that I think if I don't tell people I am on a diet they wont notice that I am fat...

Anyway enough about me. Good Luck and well done.

I am in my twenties too and have similar amount of weight to lose so I hope to see you on the way down...


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wishing you loads of luck with your weight loss:)
what a touching story...im the same ..i want to loose weight to feel healthy..i think sometimes what if i fell over and nobody could pick me up:(
im on day two today...im feeling a little hungry but there is no way im going to let myself down this time:D


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wow very moving story

i want to lose weight primarily for health reasons and to be around for my wee girl but i would be lieing if looking good wasnt a nice bonus of all this ;)
wow hun thats amazing welcome to mini's and you will do great just stay positive and your dreams will come true xx

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