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Mouldy bottles


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Been taking my flavoured water to work in some used Evian bottles, had a look today and there is loads of mould in the bottom of the bottle - yuck !

I take it something must not agree with the flavourings as normal water wouldn't do this ? I drink from a glass not the bottle for this very reason.

Feeling a little icky now :jelous:
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I buy the 4 pack of 1 litre Volvic bottles from morrissons and i buy new ones every 3 weeks or so.

I have only just started using flavourings but when i used to have plain water i never noticed any moulding. I did however notice that on the bottles it states that the bottles shouldnt be refilled. I dont know why this is.

I think the best thing to do would to be to buy new bottles every 2 weeks or so.

I think i would feel icky too if i found mould on my bottles.


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Normal water does do it. I've got a filter jug at home and every now and then because it stands in the kitchen by the window I suppose, I have to clean it out because it's gone green on the side.

Hardly appetising! :jelous:
Yeah, the water bottles aren't meant to be refilled because of the mould (bacteria) thing...yuk! I've got Vittel this week from Morrisons (buy one get one free) but usually get Asda's own, Sainsburys own or Morrisons own depending on where we are shopiing! They are about 35p a bottle for 2ltrs and are identical to posh brands :) I used to buy a couple of diet coke cans a day so figure buying water is cheaper and better for me!!

Love Lou xxx

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