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Moving from EE to red days due to 1/3 superfree

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Hi after going off plan for 2 weeks (and STS :D) i have decided to try red days for a week, mostly for a change and to get back on track but the whole 1/3 superfree debate too.

I always found it hard getting 1/3 superfree on my plate, mind you yesterday on reds i managed 1/2 superfree for lunch and dinner :flirt2:

anyway just wondering if anyone else is moving from EE for a bit??
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I normally do EE. However a couple of times lately I have found that I have had red without really realising.

Yesterday for example I had fruit and yog for breakfast, pitta pizza with passata and cheese (1 HEA and 1HEB) with a big salad for lunch then a tomato chicken and veg for tea (no potatoes) at that point I decided to do a red day and have a hi-fi bar for a second HEB but probably had more superfree food than I would have if I had planned a red day!

It is good to have a change sometimes so maybe doing red for a bit will get you back on track panda!

Amy x


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I don't solely do any plan. I work it around what I'm having for my evening meal normally and decide the day from there.
I like red and green as I enjoy the extra A and B but EE is fine too.
Don't fret too much about the superfree, there is no debate - it's a third of your meal which really is a healthy way to eat anyway.

If it's not possible to have a third then don't worry too much.

Just keep some variety and you'll be fine!


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It's weird but most of my meals are EE, but could so easily be a red or a green. I have bacon most days so even on a green day you can have 2 rashers as a HEB, so there's the extra B for a start.


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I changed from EE to green a few weeks ago as I lost my first week & STS the 2nd. Like you I found it hard to get the 1/3 super free.

See how you go with Red & you can easily alternate between them depending on what meals you have as I find that it's easier to have 1/3 super free with some meals than others e.g beans on toast!!

Good luck xx
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Im doing red this week too cos i need some discipline back! im on day two and thought id find it really hard. But aslong as your 100% planned, with full preperation and no way of making any mistakes, im not hungry like i thought id be and im not panicing AND im eating far more fruit and veg than i ever do on ee as im using it to bulk my meals! x
S: 13st6lb C: 13st3lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.6%)
yep i have done 5 wks of EE and only lost 2.5lbs so decided to try red, its so depressing that i'm not loosing weight like the others in my group, i know everyone is different but surely i shoud be shifting more weight than i have done & i dont even drink alcohol anymore. just hope red days work as i know my body cant handle green days well ot couldn't a few years ago so i aint even gonna try it this time. At this rate though i cant ever seeing me hitting target xx

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