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Moving from lipotrim/exante

I have just started SW after a long time on cambridge , so very similar ! I gained about 8 lb which is the norm for me when I start back on carbs , so was expecting it , although I am sticking to red days for a while as its limited carbs .
You have to accept that you will have a gain the first week whatever diet you move to , you are replacing the carb stores which also store water so dont get upset with a gain , but after the first week ( or even 2 ) you should start to see the weight dropping again as long as you stick to plan , i would recommend staying low carb to start with and gradually introduce them over a few weeks , start with low GI carbs so a little bit of brown rice / pasta / bread, sweet potato etc and build the amounts up gradually

hope that helps :)
Wow determinator what a fantastic weight loss! I'm on lipotrim at the mo, only day 6 but already thinking of what diet to continue with! I've done SW before and its a fab diet so will do it again i reckon when I have had enough of LT which prob wont be too long! How did you manage to stay so focused on the CD? Did you do a refeed on CD before starting SW?x
hi Nikki , I started on lipotrim before I discovered the joy of the shakes and bars on Cambridge !!! How did I stay focused ?? i think I just got in the zone and put my head down and focused ..... the first 6 stone was easy peasy ...... then I started messing around a little and the last few stone have taken longer than they should have !!!
Cambridge is a 7 step programme ( which is another reason I liked it over lipotrim ) so yes i went up the stages from SS ( 3 shakes , 450 calories a day ) to 810 calories , then 1000 , its importnat to introduce carbs slowly , and be aware that you will have a gain and dont let it upset you ..... red days are great for me at the moment to keep carbs to a minimum :D

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