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Moving the goalposts.....

Morning All!
Has anyone else done this?
I set myself the target of getting to 9st back in April, mainly spurred on my the fact I had a dance show coming up (with a skimpy outfit!)
I thought, wow, 9st, that's so skinny, I'll look amazing!!!.....
Well, although I'm incredibly pleased with where I've got to, I'm still not 100% satisfied, so I'm want to carry on with SW & lose some more.
Is this common? Did I just not pick my target well?
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Congratulations on reaching target Pinky!! It's up to you I suppose, just make sure if you do lose more that you continue to do it in a healthy manner and keep it to a healthy loss - don't be turning into a rake! lol


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I think if you haven't been your target weight for a long time or even never, you don't know how you're going feel once you've reached that weight.

I'm very close to target and although it feels amazing to be 10 stone I can't help thinking I would feel even better 7lbs lighter. I'm going to leave it a while once I am at target and see how I feel.


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Way back when, in the mists of time, i started Slimming World, i picked a target, one i thought i'd be happy with. I didn't make it an official PAT, but i wanted to get down to 15st - which seeing as i was over 27.5st when i started was a significant figure to get to. However in the weeks before i got there - i knew one thing. 15st was not going to be enough - i wasnt going to be happy there.

I've called target now. 13st6.5lb. because it was time to do so - i'm starting to look too thin in some photos, and though technically according to BMI scales i'm overweight - if this is overweight, then i'm happy to be so.

It's all about though where you are happiest. You make the decision if you want to go lower or want to stay.

Hi Pinky, I'm having this dilemma at the moment, I'm 4.5lb off 9 stone and exactly the same height as you. People may think 9 stone is fine and not to lose more but being a lot smaller than most I know exactly what you mean. 9 stone to a "normal" person is slim right? I would love to get down to 8st 7, and I think that is a perfectly reasonable weight for my height. I'm actually still at the far end of the "healthy" section when I check my BMI. It's not that were going too far it's because we about 4/5 inches smaller than the average woman. I don't think there's anything wrong with losing a few more lbs if that's where you would feel more comfortable. xx
Similar thing at the moment for me - I initially set a goal of 9st 10lbs, which is the top end of the normal weight range for my height. I was more than happy to finally get there, but I've continued losing since and am now close to 9st. I feel good, but I'm also aware of how easy it is to keep re-setting goals and ending up losing too much. For that reason I haven't set a new goal - 9st 10 will remain as my 'ceiling' weight, the one I don't ever want to go above again.

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