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Moving to development...

It seems quite a few of us are moving into development (or have already!) and thought it would be good to have a specific thread to support each other in the changes. I start on Tues and to say I am anxious about it would be an understatement!! While comng accross as confident I find new groups really hard & felt that my foundation group were used to me and I them! It's going to be odd having new people & worry about the new book etc. Can people say a bit about their transition so far & what to guard for!! THe "well you've done foundation so deserve a treat" voices have already started but am batting those off fairly easily sofar!!
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Ah - when I referred to this post in my post just now I thought that it said management!

A few people have talked about this 'transition' and I wonder if it's to do with how it's framed - I have been exceptionally lucky in that everyone who stuck with LL in my group had more than 7 stone to lose (except one) and my counsellor didn't take on a new group at our group's time - so short of having a couple of new joiners from other groups in development there has been no transition - it's just foundation without the DVDs! I don;t really count it as such - I really think LL themselves need to wise up about this and serve their clients with more weight to lose in a more helpful way (after all we give them more money!)

Anyway! Try not to think of it as anything more than a few unfamiliar faces - you've alrea dealt with the at the beginning of foundation - now you'll be with new people with new stories and you can 'feed' off each other. Maybe you also need to remember that with us lot that have more than 3 stone to lose, we ain't finished til we're at goal - this was never just a case of 100 days for us! So of course you can have a treat, but make it a beautiful jar of moisturiser, or a beautiful book, or something you've wanted for ages - but NOT CAKE!

And yes - new groups are hard, but you are all in the same boat - and ifyou don;t want to say anything for a while - just have a quiet word with your LLC. Thing is in development your LLC needs to work harder as your 66 quid isn;t getting you anything other than counselling (as the DVDs and freebies have stopped) so the counselling and support you get at this stage should be top quality and you need to contract with your LLC for that.
I had a realy disappointing first session, no time for counselling and a group of women who just talked about how much and what they had all been eating. Lapsed myself a couple of times that week, then was unable to make the next meeting. Have 3rd tomorrow night and have worked so hard this week to get back on track. I think I would have put on a bit last week if I had made weigh in but am hoping to have lost it all again now and, more importantly, have got my motivation back after my end of foundation wobbles!


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Hello ISOM,

I am in Development now, and I had mostly the same concerns you did. I was very nervous about meeting "new" people, as I am not an overly confident person, and always am aware of what they might think of me. Also, my Foundation group was tiny (about 6 of us, for one reason or another) and I was not sure how I would react with more people in group.

I am very happy to say that my fears were unfounded! I missed the first meeting with the new girls due to a holiday, but I have met with them all twice since, and on the whole they are great. Just like all of us, I suspect! (There is one lady, who strikes me as a prissy goody two shoes, but maybe thats justs my nasty side coming out!)

Last week our locum took the class, as the LLC was away, and actually I think I enjoyed it more & got more out of it. I very lucky in that I have an excellent LLC and it seems her "staff" are great too. The meetings have been a little too airy-fairy in content for me. (Drawing the river etc...) but I enjoy and learn from the discussions we have.

I totally agree with Cerulean that our LLC need to put a lot more in for us to get our moneys worth now. It is still a huge expense, and that is the one thing that might (only might) stop me now.

Treating yourself is a great idea too. I have booked a new hairdo next Saturday & I know it will be pricey. (This from someone who literally only goes to the HD twice a year!!!) I think I am going to go from long shoulder length hair, as I have had for years to something much more bob-like, as my face has changed so much!

I too lost my focus somewhat after the 100 days were up. The chatterbox told me I was ok now, as I had proven I could diet, and everyone else thought I looked great, so why carry on?? When this happens my personal thought is "My BMI is still 35.....thats why!"

I am sure you will be fine. The thought of the transition is harder than the reality I found. Hang on in there!!
Great new on moving into devlopment.

Much like some have already said, only one person has moved from our group some weeks ago to go straight into management. The rest of us have stayed together so far in developmemt which started sooner for all of us even though technically we were still in Foundation.

Anyway, this has prevented me feeling too worried at the moment but the LLC has talked about us merging!!!!!! I know at some point we will have to do this, but am crossing my fingers will of moved into management by then so not having to meet another two sets of people.

Take Care, and don't forget to spaek to your LLC if think it will knock you off course

Sam xx
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Hi This is a really interesting post. I too am nearing the end of development and apart from the fact that I have made some really good friends in foundation a few of which will be entering development and am sorely tempted to do cambridge to get the rest off as its so much cheaper. To be perfectly honest I dont really see the point of the develop,ment stage except that it allows LL to hang on to your money for a bit longer. Surely if people who have lost all thier weight in foundation and go into mangement were really missing anything counselling wise, that we would be getting in developent that would be compromsing the whole programme as lots of people never go into development because they go to management?
So I start to wonder do we really need much more counselling? but I suppose to justify still taking £66.00 a week as some of you have pointed out they have to go through the motions.
Now dont get me wrong , if you are lucky enough to really get a lot out of your sessions then I guess its worth the expense , but if like me you just want to get the rest off quickly and get into management so that you can begin the really hard work of learning to deal with food again, I think it is a bit expensive.
Some of the counselling has been really brilliant , but some sessions just seen like a bit of a waste of time and far too general, like the acheiving goals bit.
Now I know someone is going to say its invaluable etc and I totally agree that foundation is brilliant but I am just a bit dubious about development it seems a bit of a con , part of me feels they should just charge for the packs and a weigh in and leave it there untill we move into mamgement. My counsellor mentioned to one of our group that we dont actaully pay for the counselling the £66.00 is just for the packs the counselling is free. If this is so why is it so much more than CD when most people think the food packs are made at the same factory anyway?
Sorry if this seems like a bit of a moaning ramble, its just I really want to know if its going to be worth the money or not, and if I did migrate to Cd untill at goal ,I guess I coudnt do mangement on LL which I really feel I need to do.
Any thoughts anyone.


has started again!!
My counsellor mentioned to one of our group that we dont actaully pay for the counselling the £66.00 is just for the packs the counselling is free. If this is so why is it so much more than CD when most people think the food packs are made at the same factory anyway?
Sorry if this seems like a bit of a moaning ramble, its just I really want to know if its going to be worth the money or not, and if I did migrate to Cd untill at goal ,I guess I coudnt do mangement on LL which I really feel I need to do.
Any thoughts anyone.

Interesting, this one. I have also considered a move to CD, as far as contacting my local CDC for more info. At the mo I am sticking with LL, despite the cost, as I feel the managment program they have may be better for me than with CD.

I agree that some of the development classes seem rather waffley, and I have my doubts as to the value for money they provide....but, again its the future I am considering. I dont want to let myself down again, so I am going to stick with this till the bitter end!!
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Yeah Sez I know what you mean , it just seems like a safety net to stick with what you know, because it works and we dont want to faila t the final hurdle.
I suppose I am just starting to get a bit cocky now , thinking I could go it alone without the counselling , but I do really like the girls in my group and its nice to have them along on the journey , just like Minis really as I feel I know you all so well now (I love your posts sez , they are honest , and thats what its all about!)
I am feeling a bit negative at the mo , because I feeel guilty at the amount all this is costing I suppose. I nee to spend at least 2 to 3 more months in development and god knows how long in management (not really sure how long it takes, to be honest).
I really do still need lots of support though because I am finding myself realxing a bit a little sip of wine here alittle piece of chicken there and I know its not good , but you get people saying 'you look fantastic' and you start to get a bit complacent. I still have at least 3 stone to lose yet but people are already doing that aghast look when I say this ,'oh you dont need to lose another 3 sone you will look too thin' and its shaking my confidence abit, even though I know that the weight I have in mind is the very heaveiest I can be and be in the green BMI on the LL slider thingy on the web site.
Do you know of anyone who has lost with CD then done managment with LL?


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Do you not get books when you're in development? I thought I read somewhere you get a scrapbook type thing to put pictures and thoughts in. I wanted to do development to go through the whole process and get all the tools.
You get a developer book which doesn't really have a lot in it and a scrapbook. The scrapbook is a really good idea. I'm using mine to chart my successes with my photos. My LLC said she's gonna take regular photos for me to add to it.

I too considered switching to Cambridge/Lipotrim but decided to stick with LL for many of the reasons already mentioned. I have a new group now I have moved to developers but have found that after only a couple of weeks I am getting on with them like I've known them much longer. Even though the 'counselling' is sometimes not helpful in itself, I personally find going to group every week and talking things over with people in the same boat is super helpful for me. My LLC is really good too, very supportive. Also I think the management part of LL is superior to any other programme so I'm sticking with LL to the end!!
I totally agree, I think development is probably a con, but feel I need management, and there is no way I am ready to go into that just yet. I came to the conclusion that I had to put up with development so that I could access management, which is the bit that seems to make a difference to peoples long term chances of keeping it off!
I have to say agree with the points about devlopment, albeit only done one session so far which I found helpful!

I know do not have as long in development as some of you, so may well feel more tempted to go to CD cost wise, then if could go to LL to do Management as from what I understand seems more quality food focussed rather than calories which I am never doing again!!!!

Would LL let you switch like that? I suppose the only loss is the group members who will be joining you in development, but if they are't and you don't get much out of it I would begrudge the cost too.

Have you decided what to do?

Sam xx
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HI EVERYONE, great to hear all these views and ideas as then i can go and think about them all and decide what is the best route for me to take on this lifelong journey with food, emotions, weight and body image. I am not totally convinced about the group counselling, it may be me but not got a lot from it. I feel that now i need to coach myself for the future instead of picking up the food. The group that i am in has been great lots of sharing,caring ,listening, learning even a very inspiring returnee whos done the whole package and has kept it off for a number of years, not sure ? and as we will be at different stages after the 100 days. The support is fantastic but so is this Forum. I get as much support and help from this on a daily basis as the weekly mtg at L.L. Thanks Everybody
Interesting comments! If it wasnt for the group and management I'd be off to CD in an instant but I think that those two make the money worthwhile in terms of achieving what I want to! I guess I feel quite wobbly about changes and have felt quite vulnerable & tired generally the last couple of weeks! Its tomorrow so will let you know how I get on!!


has started again!!
I totally agree, I think development is probably a con, but feel I need management, and there is no way I am ready to go into that just yet. I came to the conclusion that I had to put up with development so that I could access management, which is the bit that seems to make a difference to peoples long term chances of keeping it off!
My sentiments too Little Blue! I would prefer to jump ship to Cd if it werent for the pull of the management programme. I have times when I am really concerned that I have learnt nothing over the past weeks, for example when I had a mega binge last week, just after WI! I chose (& I use that word with consideration) to eat utter junk, I couldnt even pig out on chicken or ham or whatever. It was chocolate in its various guises and Pringles!! ????? Any how, after chatting on here and re-thinking my goals, I am getting myself back on track after that wobble.

I think LL Management will give us the tools we need to better deal with those issues around food. As you so rightly say, development is a means to an end, the end being a slim life, post LL!!
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Thanks for all the interesting thoughts re development. I have too come to the conclusion that I will just have to bite the bullet and face development for the sake of going into managemnt which I really need as the thought of going it alone back into the world of full time frankly terrifies me.
I have another 3 stone to lose so I guess I am looking at 3 months worse case scenario , and I just found out that if your 5foot 8 or over on Cd you need 4 packs a day which narrows the cost betwen Ll and Cd a bit more. I guess I am just too scared to risk changing stuff as well . although a bit gutted that my dev grp will be on Monday night as its the only night the telly is worth watching in my humble opinion LOL.
Last foundation meet on Thurs then into the void I go, I will keep you all posted as to how I get on.
Just saw this thread and I started development last Monday (so second developemtn weigh in last night).

I have really struggled. 3 of us from foundation joined but the other two are nearly there with their weightloss. One is BMI 25.something and the other is about BMI 27 I think. I have a long way to go. We joined a developers group that had been going for a couple of months and they seem nice but most of them seem about a month off getting to goal and going onto management. There is one woman who I think might be there for the long haul with me so I need to try to get to know her but she weighed in and left last night...

I think some of you might be missing the point about development. It's not so much that it's about counselling but about support for continuing the journey. Anyway - that's the way I see it. We could join CD but then we'd be on our own. I can't do it on my own. I need the accountability of a group. Admitting to everyone last night that I had put on for the first time in my journey and committing to have a 100% week was powerful. I have been SO tempted today. I'm out of ketosis and feeling starving. BUT I keep thinking about next week and either having to say to the group that I failed or tell them how I got through it. This is what works for me.

So anyway - I always knew I was sticking with LL until management - even though it'll be 2008 before I'm completely finished.

I sat down with my scrapbook last night and set out goals and rewards for myself. (It was a suggestion from someone in the group.) I'm feeling motivated again. I know I can lose what I put on this week plus more if I work hard at it.

But I think, mentally, the change from foudation to developers is hard work...
I've had 6 weeks in Development and due to group timings and work commitments have only attended 1 meeting. I'm lucky that my LLC is really flexible and lets me do popins to get weighed and pick up packs, and she's always available on the phone/email. But really I couldn't survive without my lovely Foundation friends who are also struggling to get their every week for the full session. I can't wait to get back toa full management group and the weekly management meeting falls on the perfect day for me.
i think some of the frustration I'm feeling just now with slow losses is not being helped by the lack of weekly group support structure, and I know that this has been a key part of my success.

I do feel that Development is a real limbo point. And I think LL could really do something radical to make it a better part of the overall journey. Foundation is very focused and by the sound of it Management is also very structured and focused. One thing that would've really helped me at the start of Development would've been a one to one with my LLC where we could have a hard core target/goal setting session on the numbers. You are very much left to your own devices in my experience on this front and it could be a very powerful intervention to review progress and goals at this stage. It would really have helped me.

Hey ho - 8 weeks to go I think for me, the light is at the end of the dark development tunnel! :D

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