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moving up onto the 1000 plan


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well, that's it for me and ss and ss+ i believe. i'm so tired, lethargic and dizzy most of the time. i have all the packs i need, drink all the water i should and a wee bit more for good measure but the scales aint moving and the pounds are moving swiftly out of my bank account rather than off my ass!!

my cdc recommended exercising to try and boost my metabolism but this just made me feel worse.

so... hopefully moving up onto the 1000 plan will give me the kick i need. i need to address the abject fear of eating again and not gaining weight in any case...

i am expecting to massively fall off the wagon as soon as i sniff a carb. but if this happens i am going to accept it and clamber back on. i'm not talking myself into the fact that this is ok, but i can see and feel it looming after the sheer desperation of the last couple of weeks and i don't want it sending me into a week-long binge. if i'm bad tonight (as it's my first 1000 evening) then i'll move on and start afresh as a 1000er in the morning.

wish me luck. i have the feeling that i'm going to need it!!

abz xx
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I wish you luck Abz. You can feel what is happening to you, and you can accept you 'may' have a blip heading your way. If you need to get it out of your system - do it, then get back on the wagon. You know it is your intention to carry on on the 1000 cal plan so it's not as if you are going off plan altogether. You have done well to get this far, but you are right in what you say on another post, you can't afford to let yourself get ill becasue of it. I too can see the pounds going faster from my bank than my belly which is a worrying thought for me.

Anyway, good luck. I am sure you will succeed with losing your remaining weight on the 1000 plan.


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i really hope so mia. i was supposed to be moving up the plans in two weeks in any case in time for hen parties etc. and i'm so annoyed that i won't get to the goal i wanted to get to for my wedding, despite all my efforts. but at this rate i'm not going to have the will or the energy to organise the ruddy thing. i already look amazing in my dress, it was more i wanted to buy size 16 things and have fab honeymoon photos. but i'm in size 16 dresses anyways. so guess i'm just going to have to go sundress shopping :)

abz xx


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Why not compromise and try the 810 plan if going straight to 1000 worries you?


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Hey Abz
Just wanted to wish you all the best on moving up to 1000 cals..
Your doing fab so even if you put on a little to start off with it will just be those carbs...
your doing great hon x


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i don't want to do 810. i want to get out of ketosis and learn how to eat properly and how to recognise hunger for what it is.

thanks for your encouragement guys. i'm really going to need it. my weigh in is on monday and i'll more than likely show a gain given that i haven't been losing and now i'm eating carbs *sigh* but then what can you do but plug on? i know i haven't reached the goal i wanted to. but i'm closer to it than i was, and that's something at least :)

abz xx


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Of course it's something and you've done really well. It's not always easy at the best of times, but if you're feeling crappy on it then that's not good at all.

You might have a slight gain, but you know it's not forever and probably just water weight. You'll still be a stunning bride, remember that :)

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