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  1. brainsprain

    brainsprain Full Member

    I went for mri scan today,
    I didnt get stuck as I feared,
    but I know how a pizza feels in an oven now!
    Its horrible going to hospital for most folk,but when you are big theres the added fears of will I break that if I lie on it?
    are the staff laughing at my wobbly bits?
    though filling in the forms wasnt so bad,
    was tempted to write I have lost weight all over questionaire but decided against that.
    And I didnt break any equipment,lol.
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  3. Surfhunny

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    Hi hun, I work in a hospital and I can promise you we don't laugh at people's wobbly bits!! Most of us have wobbly bits of our very own!! I hope it wasn't too much of a horrific experience for you, MRI can make people feel really claustrophobic, so well done for being able to go through with it. x
  4. brainsprain

    brainsprain Full Member

    thankfully it was only my dodgy leg being checked out,
    so was kind of being cooked up to the waist,
    I think if they had put me the whole way in I would have dug a hole out?
    and to be fair the staff were lovely,
    its the huge chip on my shoulder that had me thinking negatively I guess.
  5. brainsprain

    brainsprain Full Member

    I see consultant next week about results,
    still hoping for having local anaethetic rather than general,
    depends on how deep ulcer is,
    Id just like i gone,
    three years is long enough!
  6. cmcewn

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    oh darling I do hope you are ok, I am sure you are in very good hands. I was in hospital recently with my leg and it was a bit touch and go for me but you know they were wonderful. Just make sure that you listen to what the doctors say to you and that you get exactly what you need. Big Hug xx
  7. brainsprain

    brainsprain Full Member

    have to have general anaesthetic,booking in for op as soon as possible,
    at least he was impressed with weight loss.
  8. Chiku

    Chiku Full Member

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    Hope all went well am certain your in the best hands of care.

    I had something similar but under my arm and it hurt like HELL and i had to go hosp. when i got checked in at a+e it was 3cm by 5cm at 2am by 5am it had blown up to 15cm by 21cm and was pushing against my left lung and i found it very difficult to breath. Luckily I was taken into theatre by 7pm and was knocked out, it took them over 2hrs to remove everything they had hoped to just drain it but were forced to cut me open because it had grown even more. they sent a sample for testing and since i have to go regularly to be checked.
    I'm just grateful I was under good hands by the staff at the hosp.

  9. brainsprain

    brainsprain Full Member

    crikey Chiku that sounds awful,
    I dont have much sensation in my leg other than pins and needles,
    Ive had this blooming thing over three years,
    tons of antibiotics,biopsies and dressings,
    they are cutting it out cos concerned it could turn cancerous,
    will have skin graft too,
    but frankly Im just glad they are getting on with it now.
  10. brainsprain

    brainsprain Full Member

    6 more big pounds gone woohoo,
    gp weigh in.
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