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MrMoJo - Monday - Week 2 WI


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I've struggled quite a bit over the weekend and had a bit a blip on Saturday, thanks to a moment of madness and eating some savory eggs, cheddars (the big ones) and some biscuits. :cry:

I feel a little bit false, having given other people words of ecouragement, when I should have taken them onboard for myself at the same time and I've found second week has been a lot harder, in comparision to week 1, for me. :break_diet:

This will hopefully give me the drive and determination not to give in again, unless it's planned.

Even though I had a blip, I still lost 4lb so I've hit my original week 5 goal in two weeks!! I may have to review my goals after week 5 :D
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Hi Mojo
I agree week 2 was harder. Its so hard when your family are eating and a weekly shop has been done, but we are only human. You have had a great loss and just carry as you did in your first week. Week 3 should be easier. Good Luck with wk 3 im counting on you lol :)


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Thanks Jane!! :D
Still a great result considering.

No need to feel a litte bit false. Offering others advice and encouragement while not quite being on it yourself isn't a bad thing.

We have to slip now and again to learn from it - and I'm sure you did. I hope you find it a bit easier from now on. :)


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Thanks DeepThought :)
Thats a great loss again. I have to admit I also found week 2 quite hard. I think we build up this thing in our heads that if we can just get through week 1 it'll be plain sailing, but in reality every week is hard, but somehow we get through to the end of it, even if we have a little blip! x


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Well done MrMojo! Great loss!!! :)

But in case you want to try messing up in the fridge again.... :whoopass:
Good luck for you next week!


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hey MrMoJo! Well done on your WI :)

and...hitting week 5 target on week 2 is no mean feat! So, you had a blip? As they say "Stay Calm and Carry On" ;)

YOU can do it, take your own advice on board, and although it is hard, think of the bigger (or in our case, smaller) picture!

Good Luck
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Thanks Andie, Biggie and Missbiker!! :D
Well done great loss we all have blips it's not the end off the world :) your back on track although I think ws is much more manageable you dont tend to feel the need to binge on fat foods why don't you do a couple of ws days :) keep up the good work your doing brill x


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Thanks debbie!! :D


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Thanks cybill :D

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It's an awful feeling when you are doing so well and feeling nothing can break you to then slip up but it's not that bad :) The test is if give up at the 1st hurdle or get up again and keep fighting!! So don't feel you have let yourself down by offering others advice and having a slip up yourself, as it inspires people that even though they might slip up YOU are proof it's not the end and there is hope to carry on.
You are doing wonderful MrMoJo, carry on doing great and carry on offering advice because on both fronts you are suceeding xx


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Thanks curvygirlyclaire :D


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Thanks Dance_Magic!!
OMG a stone in two weeks .... brilliant keep it up and it will soon be another stone!! xx


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Nice work getting rid of your first stone :) We all have wobbles, the important thing is doing what you did, getting straight back on track and not using it as an excuse for a complete derail!

Good luck with week 3 :)
We do indeed...... and that's why we're all here:D There's absolutely no need to think you're being 'false' by not wholly following your own advice....... We (mostly) all have blips but we keep trying and that's what qualifies us to help others when they need it....... Blimey, if I always followed my own advice I'd be at goal by now.... but hey, I'm great at theory just not great at being perfect:D:D:D Well done on the loss, tis great!

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