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Mrs_hill2bs SW Journey: not gone to class coz my scales say Ive put on


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So this morning I joined Slimming world... Im hoping that one day I will stick to a diet but hopefully this is the day.. I have 6 months till my wedding so all I have to do is stick to the diet... Ive jumped about alot in the last so many months and its left me wanting to eat all the time...counting points doesnt seem to work coz I go over... drinking shakes just makes me eat ...so off I go again
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Slow but sure....
Welcome back and good luck with your SW journey this time, you will have your wedding day to keep you focused, best wishes.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Welcome to our board. You have made the best decision, no more feeling hungry and the weight WILL go! All you have to do is eat! We're all here for you, you won't feel guilty for feeling full (well not after you lose a shedload of weight the first week despite wondering how on earth you can lose weight eating that much.) Ask questions, we're here to support you, good luck.
Ive gone slightly over my sins today (by 1) but I didnt use any yesterday so is that ok??? I cant remember
Thats fine. Some people have an amount for the week and count down from that and others do it daily-whatever works for you really. Good luck, within a short while your weight will be on the way down.
OMG Im going to put on weight in week 1 .... Just counted up my sins from today and they were scary... this week so far I have had 104 sins and I dont weigh in till Tuesday ...this is not good.... I had a drink in costa coffee and the sins were huge...stupid me!!!! Just cant believe Ive not managed to stick to a diet in week one ....... seriously need to have a word with myself
I had a chocolate frescato so I was well aware i would be a bad one... im just silly
Once you get used to the syns in things you'll be fine ;)

I find the SW Directory good to check things, if you can before you go out (it can be a bit big to carry around).

Its great to have a target to aim for too and I can't think of anything better than your wedding :love047:

Good Luck :girlpower:


Mad old Bat with Attitude
DON'T PANIC! Why don't you do EE for the rest of the week, I often find I don't use many syns at all, in fact I have to force down some wine at the weekend just to use them up!
Are you at class? Are you writing everything down? Are you planning what to eat/drink? The thing is unless you plan you will end up doing what you've always done and the weight won't shift. Why don't you post a days menu and then we can help you.
I go to class on a tuesday
I have been doing extra easy
I havent planned my meals but all the shopping I have in house has been free food...
The problem has been the unexpected days out ...and my stupid will power .....Im thinking this week is a right off well thats been my dangerous thinking today.... Im gonna try damage limitation tomorrow and Monday by sticking to free food but I fully expect to put on in my first week at SW how embarassing...
Maybe Ive had to get eating rubbish out the way this week... I will do it now I have to ... just bought a size 16 gorgeous dress from debenhams and Im no wear near that size...it was in the sale and the size 20 was too big but they didnt have an 18 on the sale rack so I now have something to work at...
My first weigh in and I lost 4lbs wooooooooooooooooooo
Pity I had a naughty weekend I could have lost more
so yet again I seem to have been rubbish all week. I have joined total fitnss though so hopefully I will be able to be good and get moivated to go...

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