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Mrsspinkys road to a new me

Hi Everyone

As so many others have said I feel writing a diary will help me keep on track and it will encourage me to keep coming on here to see if anyone has commented and give me the chance to read and comment on others posts.

So... about me

5 years ago next month I satrted the LLT journey and loved it, losing 5.5 stone in just over 100 days however due to stress I just snapped one day and stopped, I felt happy with my weight and size so did noy do RTM which was a big mistake as 6 weeks later I was pregnant and during that 9 months I put it all back on. My daughter is now 3 1/2 and I am at the same weight I was 5 years ago.

I have tried Cambridge, weight watchers and diet chef in the last 3 years and I loose some then gain it back so have decided to go down the LLT journey again.

I started yesterday even though I did not go to my group till today so now know about all the changes like less water which is great.

Yesterday was fine I had no problems at all today I found this afternoon a bit harder and I know tomorrow is going to my killer but then it is only then 24 hours till I should be in Ketosis and then I will be a happy bunny.

Unless I have a wobble I am going to try and update weekly after my Tuesday weigh.

Good luck all looking forwards to meeting some new friends who is experiencing the same as me :)

P.s how do I put a ticker on my profile
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Hi, welcome to the group and welcome back to LL! You're right the first few days are the worst so not long to go now. I'm only a few weeks in myself and I find the comments and support on here incredibly helpful, sure I wouldn't have stuck to it without them. I'm looking forward to seeing your posts and brilliant weight loss.

Sorry, I've not been able to figure out the ticker thing myself so no idea!

Claire, xx
Welcome Mrsspinky! wow at ur 5.5 stone loss last time thats amazing and im sure u can do it all again goodluck xx

Also u mentioned something about less water??? what do u mean x
Hi Thanks for the encouragement

Also u mentioned something about less water??? what do u mean x[/QUOTE]

My LLC said I only need to drink about 2 litres of water a day not the 4 litres that you did before. I am drinking more than that as I am hungry and am use to drinking about 2 litres a day any way, is this diffedrent to what others have been told


is Magdalicious
Hello :)
And welcome!
Good luck with your return. We are all here for you if you need us :) xx

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Day 3 and hitting a bit of a wall

Day 3 is nearly over and husband will be home shortly but the last few hours have been hard which I new today would be my bad day.

So far I have had an upset tummy but no headaches or other symptons which is good.

I have had 3 packs today were normally by now I have only had 1 but I have not drank as much which I am now doing to try and combat the hunger.

I bought some Ketostixs and I am in ketosis but must only be just.

Emotionally my 3 year is driving me crazy constantly moaning and demanding which has resulted in me shouting and telling her off all the time I just want tomorrow morning to hurry up and arrive.

At least i do not feel like giving in even if I have had enough in general role on 1st weigh then I know it is worth it.:(


Just starting out
Hi Mrsspinky, I am due to start next week so will be following your diary. I also have a 3 and a half year old. I am sure I will be grumpy next week! Good luck on your weigh in!


Tough But Sexy X
Hi and welcome. I am sure you will get through the first week and remember how it felt to lose all that weight last time and it will spur you on, good luck xx

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Good luck on ur WI xx
You already know that this works so stay possitive and motivate yourself and if you ever need extra help were all here to help you do that. Good luck with WI not that you need it!


No pain, no gain
Hiya mrsspinky. Good luck for your WI. Keep strong. U know this diet works. I'm into 3rd week now and after a blip this week I'm back on track. Take care. Xxx
Days 5-7 I am away for the weekend with family and friends and if has been hard they have had pancakes for breakfast alcohol day and night plus ice-cream and what have I had water, coffee and foodpacks. The only thing I have had is some ham when i have really struggling so to compensate I only had 3 packs.

Also been really upset today as it us mothers day and hubby did not do anything from my 3 year old so feeling sorry for myself.

Well tomorrow is unofficially a week as started on the Monday rather than waiting for my class as on a Tuesday night so looking forwards to weighing myself when I get home from my little break and have official WI Tuesday , last time I did 9 lb on my 1st week so that is my aim.

After this weekend we nothing planned till our summers hols which is middle if may when I looked at my record card from last time in 6 weeks I lost 2,8 lb in that time which is my aim thus time so no more ham I think!!!!

Happy mothers day you lovely mummiesxxxx


No pain, no gain
Men hey. Chin up hun. You done really well on your weekend away with all that temptation. Keep strong. Looking forward to hearing how u do on the scales tues. Xxxx
Ps. Happy Mother's Day
Week 1 - unoffical WI

As i started a day before my offical class day I have two different WI days but as week 1 I could not resist taking a peak. Normally I would WI first thing but as I have been away so I could not WI till tea time but I am happy to say I have lost 9lb, yipee...

I really want to hit the 1 stone mark as then I will feel closer to my end goal.

Tomorrow night is offical WI so will update you soon.

This week has been far from easy, the hardest part is I am Ketosis but I am still really hungry which is hard I know from last time once I am a few weeks in I will not even want my packs let alone be hungry. I am wondering if not drinking as much water is making a difference last time my LLC said we had to drink a min of 4litres of water this time I see a different LLC and she says onlt 2 litres I am drinking approx 3 litres so maybe will try to up this

Any thoughts?


No pain, no gain
Hey Hun. My LLC says that 2litres is enough. But drink to thirst cause you can overdo it. Good luck chick. Xxx?xxX

Been a while so thought it was time for an update.

I have now lost 17 lb in 17 days which is great. I have lost 2 inches from my hips and 1 inch from both my bust and waist so everything is going in the right direction.

Hope everyone else is doing as well xx


Tough But Sexy X
Wow the incredible shrinking lady lol thats amazing weightloss a pound a day xx

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