Muffin recipe?


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Here hun this is the one I use x

Dukan microwave muffin recipe

**check your Oatbran quantities** the ones given here are for 1 day's portion on Cruise / Conso

2 TB oat bran
1 Egg
1 TB Quark/Fromfrais
1 or 2 TB yoghurt
Mix well, it should be gloopy but not liquid and distribute into 8 silicone cupcake/muffin cases. Arrange in a circle on the turntable and microwave on high for ~4min.

Turn out quickly onto wire rack (they are steaming) and give time to cool. The longer you leave them out the drier they get - I prefer mine quite moist... Quite a spongey texture.

Sweet: sweetener, in addition if liked: a sprinkling of cinnamon, 1/2 ts of vanilla essence.

Savoury: a tiny pinch of salt (or they are too bland )

they are also nice split in half and spread with Quark, or Philly EL etc, whatever you fancy.

To bake in the oven: Bake 15 mins at 180C Fan


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there are several different recipes for them in the recipe section all equally as nice