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  1. nomoremuffintop

    nomoremuffintop Gold Member

    hi Exante forum! :D


    my Names muffy (it kind of cought on in the lipotrim forum to shorten me to this :p)im married with 4 little boys and i started my journey on 5th Jan 2011 weighing around 17 stone 4. size 24.
    i switched to exante on day 70 weighing 13 stone 8. size 18.

    so here i am, im on day 2 of Exante after 69 days on Lipotrim i decided that Exante was going to be a better choice for me due to not having to visit a pharmacy where nobody had a clue what lipotrim was about! and also because i go by my own scales not there prehistoric ones anyway so may as well do it on my own with this forum to keep me company. plus the fact that i needed more variety to keep me going the long haul. anyway, my months worth of soups bars and shakes arrived yesterday and i had a banana shake for breakfast a toffee nut and raisin bar for lunch and a tomato and basil soup for dinner (i also had a small tin of tuna in spring water because i felt really starving, probably due to being out all day and not having much water).
    i found them all really nice compared to lipotrim so thats good :).

    i had a chocolate shake this morning. the shakes are really thick compared to lipotrim shakes so i decided to have half for breakfast and then half mid day, then have a bar around tea time and the soup in the evening but i managed to make half a pint of chocolate shake with half the sache and it was still thicker than lipotrim lol. i liked it so much that i added a sweetner and a spoon of coffee and drank the other half as a mocha straight after.
    im going to try the choc orange bar and a tai chicken soup today. cant believe how much im looking forward to tasting them!

    my goal is to be 'healthy' 'normal' bmi which will make me 9 stone 9lb but i am not sure about being that skinny after spending my whole life being obese?
    might take some getting used to.

    im looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know some new Exante pal's.

    hope eveyone is having a fab day xxx

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  3. Boneysburd

    Boneysburd Full Member

    Hiya :) I'm on day 4 now. I only ordered the soup packs as the thought of the shakes make me wanna heave lol.

    But all the soups are fab, I did Lighterlife & Cambridge for a short while last year and in comparison these are better by a merry mile.

    Well done on your amazing loss so far xxx
  4. Sammeh

    Sammeh Silver Member

    Hello and welcome!!!! Can I just say, WOW, look at you already and just in a couple of months - your pictures since you started are simply amazing!!! :happy096: What a transformation already!
    Good luck with Exante, hope the switch across works out great!
  5. Little-Miss-Perfect

    Little-Miss-Perfect Doing it exante style :)

    I switched from lipotrim too, it's the best thing I've done lol
    I threaten myself with "if u don't stick to this Clair ur going back on lipotrim" and there's no way I want that lol
    Good luck with the rest of ur journey xx

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  6. JoanneM

    JoanneM Gold Member

    Hi and welcome Muffy. Heres hoping Exante is as big a success for you as LT.
  7. nomoremuffintop

    nomoremuffintop Gold Member

    Just needed to come in here to vent a bit! I am so mad at myself... after thinking everything was going fab I had a huge row with hubby and then binged on ham, crisps, bread, cheese and tomato pasta and fizzy drinks! carb overload mistake!!!
    Stupid stupid but it seemed to be the only thing to fill the emptiness I was feeling at the time. old habits are so hard to break :(
    I know ill be back to 100% tomorrow but it doesn't stop me from thinking what an idiot iv been.

    Other than that I had a choc orange bar today and it tasted really orangy yum x

    Going to set a mini goal to get 3lb off this week. Hopefully that will keep my head in the right place from tomorrow.

    Off for a bath and early night.

  8. cybill

    cybill Gold Member

    Welcome and good luck with this next step of your journey with Exante. Your pictures look fabulous, you've done so well with Lipotrim. I'm sure you'll find the switch to Exante goes well and will help you move the next bit of weight.
    Try and put tonight behind you
    I've drawn a line for you!
    Hope tomorrow goes well, and that you see your 3lb loss this week :)
    Good luck xx
  9. nomoremuffintop

    nomoremuffintop Gold Member

    thanks for all te replies so far, really nice to meet you all :)

    thank you to Cybill for drawing that line for me! much apreciated...
    dyed my hair and had a shower last night thought i was going to cope better but as soon as my husband went up to bed i ran to the kitchen and made a sandwich and a glass of coke :(
    well, put on a couple of lb this morning just as i expected so back to sorting my head out today.
    im sipping a 250ml glass of coke zero to keep me sane this morning as the carb cravings have kicked back in big time. i am going to be 100% though, god iv messed up enough times to know i can do it!
    the thing that gets me the most is that i started this on the 1st of january and did 100% without even sniffing food or licking my finger while preparing food for the family until the 31st january when i ate after my nans funeral and from then on its been a struggle. if only i hadnt eaten that day i could have been in the 12's by now. no point saying 'if only' every time i mess up so i really need to push myself to stop making excuses and get on with it. i should have looked at changing to exante as a fresh start at being 100%.
    So here new weigh in day is now Friday and today is going to be Day 1 of a restart. i wouldnt normally call it a restart unless id been totally off track for at least a week but restarting might just make me realising why i need to do this and that i really dont want to prolong it for another minute more than i need to.
    my goal was always to be below 10 stone by 9th september which is my 30th birthday. its still very do-able i just have to do it!!

    sorry to start the diary off in such a miserable state. i promise more smiles from now on :D
  10. Boneysburd

    Boneysburd Full Member

  11. nomoremuffintop

    nomoremuffintop Gold Member

    Having an ok day so far. Im watching a bit of jeremy kyle In bed while baby has a nap. I thought it's best to stay away from the kitchen while I'm bored. I had a vanilla shake for breakfast today. Not bad! Very milky even after adding an additional 1.5 pints of water. I had a choc orange bar for lunch with a cup of pepper mint leaf tea and I feel rather full which I'm shocked by. On lipotrim if I ate a flap jack I got more hungry and the shakes were really watery in comparison to exante so I'm really pleased that I moved to exante before I got too bored of lipotrim and gave totally. Off to wake the baby and get the other 3 from school now. No doubt I'll be back tonight to check in xxx
  12. nomoremuffintop

    nomoremuffintop Gold Member

    Thanks x
    Yeah im feeling a bit more of he fire in my belly again. Really want to succeed! X
  13. precious

    precious Gold Member

    Hey Hun welcome.. Your pics before and afte are truly fab stay strong hugs x x
  14. Boneysburd

    Boneysburd Full Member

    No problem..

    I have 4 children too :) Also really want to succeed, I started my journey nearly 2 years ago, starting at 18'11 with LL, lost 6 stone, put a stone on, did cambridge last year got to my lowest weight of 11'10 and here I am again, for the LAST time. :) But currently feeling very focused and really trying not to have that first slip as it's always been a sliding slop from that point for me.

    Hope you have a stressful evening (easier said then done when you have 4 kids ;) ) xxxx
  15. nomoremuffintop

    nomoremuffintop Gold Member

    Woop! Just got back from my bike ride.... Only 25 mins but I was feeling the burn on those hills! Only managed 10 mins last time I tried to ride about a month ago and i was really hurting and couldnt breath. Head was thumping and everything last time but today i feel ok so really proud of myself :D a little lite headed but feeling like iv done something positive x

    Early night for me I think tonight. Bring on ketosis though cos I really fancy a big pork pie lol x
  16. nomoremuffintop

    nomoremuffintop Gold Member

    Aww cheers precious I didn't see any difference at all for 8 weeks but then all of a sudden I could see it and I still can't believe that 3 and a half stone can make such a difference!

    Can only imagine what losing another 3.5 stone will be like? X
  17. nomoremuffintop

    nomoremuffintop Gold Member

    body analyzing

    ok, so i got the usb stick thingy for my scales out that i have not used for about 3 years and am going to start keeping note of my stats.
    i wish id done this in the 1st week but never mind....although im really curious to know what the % of fat was on day 1 so that i could see how much 'fat' iv lost?

    10 weeks in to my diet and the stats are...

    my body fat = 40% (high - obviously)
    water = 43.9%
    muscle = 31.3%
    viscaral fat = 12 (high end of normal)
    bmr = 1648 (interesting but not really relivent)

    i will check these each friday but i dont know if ill pay much attention to the numbers as they can be a bit iffy i found last time i used this when on lipotrim a few years ago but ill give it a try for something to keep me busy :D

    hope everyone is having a nice sunny saturday xxx
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  18. Divster

    Divster Banned

    Well done on your progress so far, I did say hi in your other diary a few days ago as saw you were coming over to exante.

    Just looked and noticed we are in the same county! :D
  19. nomoremuffintop

    nomoremuffintop Gold Member

    Hi :)
    Oh really? I'm jn Desborough Kettering! X
  20. julz4gbr

    julz4gbr want to mini

    Just read this and apart from the kids we have went through an identical journey, with what we used and what has happened since.
    LL to start, CD to follow and eating in between and exante.
    Good luck, I am just on day 4 and so far have not lost anything which is a first for me on VLCD.
  21. Divster

    Divster Banned

    Wellingborough! lol

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