slimmig world

  1. Medesandthree

    Today was a good day!

    Today was a good day because … Well I hit the 3st lost milestone. It’s taken me a while but I made it. I have 18lbs left to loose and feeling really motivated. How about you?
  2. Malaloo

    Amy's kitchen syn value

    Hi, I am very new here so apologies if this is the wrong way to go about this but I am desperate to find out a list of Amy's kitchen products syn values. Specifically the breakfast wraps. If anyone could help please!! 🙏🙏
  3. S

    Syns Value ??

    HI Everyone , I follow a vegan lifestyle and was curious if anyone knows if nutritional yeast is a free food or has a syn value. Thank you
  4. S

    Had a takeaway and weigh in is Tuesday!

    So I finished work late tonight, and had a pretty stressfull week, I ended up ordering a takeaway as I was just too tiered to cook, I had a large Doner kebab(with pitta) with salad, no sauce and a garlic bread baguette with cheese which my sister had a couple of pieces and bit of doner...
  5. J

    What brand of bagels can I have as a healthy extra b

    What brand of bagels can I have as a healthy extra b please
  6. V

    Aldi Sweet syns please??

    Hi, I’m looking for syn value of Aldi “Grovee” gummy sweets - suitable for vegetarians and vegans (I’m neither but they taste soooo good). They’re in a purple packet. Please & thank you in advance! X x
  7. J

    What are the Syns for muller Fruitopolis yogurt

    Can anyone tell me the syn values for the Muller Fruitolis yogurts please Thanks
  8. J

    Coffee Mate

    Can anyone tell me the syn values for coffee mate please is it better than milk?
  9. Pizzaface

    Confused over weight gain ☹️

    I started slimming world 2 weeks ago, last week I lost 7.5lb!!! Was so happy! So this week I stuck to plan again, had a cheeky weigh yesterday morning and it said I’d gained 3lb!! I don’t actually get weighed properly until the morning but now I’m shitting myself because I don’t know why it said...
  10. O

    JD Wetherspoons

    Hiya, so I am going to Wetherspoons for dinner tonight (not my choice but its more convenient for the location) I've looked at other threads to look at low syn main meals, everyone said the Sweet Chilli Noodles, but not sure they have stopped having this option as I cannot find it on the main...
  11. O

    Heinz Tomato Ketchup 50% less sugar and salt

    Hi all, NEW TO SW! so from what I've read normal tomato ketchup is 1 syn (not sure on how much you can have?) but in our ASDA they've bought out a new Heinz Tomato Ketchup 50% less sugar and salt - so I was hoping it would be syn free? does anyone know? Nutritional Values Typical values...
  12. J

    Homemade rice pudding

    I make my homemade rice pudding with pudding rice, water and vanilla yogurt. Is this syn free or is it syns??
  13. J

    Mug shots

    I eat mug shots for my dinner as they are quick and easy and I don’t have much time. Will this affect my weight as I am trying to matain my weight as a target member and don’t want to gain. Any help would be grateful. Thanks
  14. C

    Need tips on gluten free, no bake recipes

    I really need help. I need tips for syn free, no bake, gluten free recipes. Basically I want tips for syn free or really low syn meals I can throw together quickly that will fill me up, not need cooking or reheating (as my microwave is broken). I don't care how boring the recipes might be as...
  15. J

    Rice pouches

    Hi I’m doing slimming world at home and was wondering what the syn values on the rice pouches like the uncle bens. Was looking for something to have at work that is quick but filling at the same time. Thanks.
  16. Jilly59

    Slimming World Hea

    Good morning, could anyone tell me if the Aldi Harvest Morn Instant Hot Oats can be used as your HEA please, not the sachets, in the box. Thank You
  17. J

    Pasta and Sauce

    Which pasta and sauce are free, as I’ve been really enjoying them.
  18. J

    Slimming World Rice

    I was wondering what rice is free on slimming world. I get in from work quite late so looking for something that doesn't take to long to cook. Thanks
  19. H


    My hubby has been and bought Asda extra special clam and king prawn linguine. Can anyone tell me the syn value please? Per pack 325 cal 6.7g fat 47g carb Tia x
  20. J

    Super Noodles

    Hi I'm really confused with the batchelors super noodles are they syn free if so which ones. Thanks
  21. chubby bunny


    i want to do a couple of days a week SP but struggling for meals without pasta or rice. Any ideas?? :)
  22. Z

    Bad Days

    Today I had a perfect start with breakfast and lunch then it just fell apart from there! I ate all the bread, the sweets and the chocolate!! I don't dare add up the syns. I feel so guilty about it and feel like it's going to undo all my hard work. Need to keep reminding myself it's just one...
  23. SPE

    Extra Easy 85lbs to go!!!!

    Hello everyone!!! Pregnant slimming worlder here. Almost 23 weeks and feeling great. Had a 10lb pregnancy gain so far, most of that within the first 10 weeks. I controlled the morning sickness by eating, which may have been a mistake but morning sickness is a horrible feeling I only seemed to...
  24. Z

    Syns in dairy free chocolate milk

    Hey everyone Would someone be able to tell me the Hex A amounts for the following dairy free milks? Koko coconut chocolate milk Alpro long life dairy free Soya chocolate milk Alpro Almond dark chocolate Oatly choc milk Alpro coconut milk Alpro chocolate coconut milk Or any suggestions of...
  25. J

    Feeling disheartened

    So been on SlimmingWorld for 3 weeks now first week lost 1.5 second 1.5 today put on 0.5 Feel so depressed I think I'm the only person who hasn't lost a lot .my friends tiny and she lost 6lb on first week ! What am I doing wrong? Typical day Breakfast 40g honey nut shredded wheat and semi...
  26. S

    Have you ever had a day off slimming world?

    i have 9lbs left to get to target, But I'm at a point where I want to eat everything in sight. Have you done a day off ow much did you put on?
  27. CrazyMoo


    Hi to all!! Wanted to introduce myself..... Im Michelle (Shell), 32 from Liverpool I feel embarrassed of myself in this picture.....Can not fathom how Ive allowed my body to get into such a poor condition. :badmood: It was seeing this picture & others from recent trips & family gatherings...
  28. Mia haye

    How long did it take you guys and are you excersizing?

    Hi just started following slimming world wanting to loose around 2 stone just wondering how long this usually takes people as I know this is more of a lifestyle change then a diet .. also are you guys excersizing? Thanks!! X
  29. C

    Syns in Asda mixed grain salad

    Hello can anyone tell me how many syns in Asda good and balanced mixed grain salad can't find the info anywhere
  30. M

    Slimming World Alfredo Sauce

    Hi all, Looking for an opinion on the following syn value on this Sauce I made for pasta this evening! It was so good: Chicken stock 230ml Milk Garlic Frylight 1tbsp wholemeal flour I make it out to be 1 syn but would value other opinions?
  31. N

    Syns In food

    Hi, Can anybody tell me the syns in the following food. I was working on the 20cal-1 syn rule but just want to check thats right. Also which is the lowest syn pop corn I can have, and other crisps, choclate recommendations.
  32. S

    Can I still lose after flexi syn day?

    I only need 2lb to reach 1/2 stone :) I ate out yesterday for a dessert which I am giving it roughly 25-30 syns. If I cut down to around 10 syns a day until weigh day (Tuesday) can I still lose?
  33. S

    How to syn crepes at a dessert place?

    jm going here I'm going to go for the crepes I think as calculator showing plain crepes at 4.5 syns, which one though should I go for that doesn't really make Syns to high? Thank you
  34. GemTay1

    HELP PLEASE !!!!!!

    Hello peeps. I need some help if possible, I started SW on the 12th jan and in my first week i had a 5lb loss, im due to be weighed again this Thursday. I am trying so hard as I really want to continue to loose each week. the only thing im finding difficult is over the past 2 days iv found my...