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Muller Light

Just slightly confused and hoping someone can advise.. from reading my book I understand that only plain or flavoured yoghurts are recommended - ie MullerLight vanilla or toffee; fruit ones should be avoided or at least limited to 2 per day. When I compare a cherry version to a toffee version, however, they have identical calories per 100g (50), identical fat (0.1g) and the cherry version actually has slightly less carbs - 7.9g of which sugars 6.8g, compared to 8g of which sugars 7g for the toffee!! For the life of me I cannot understand why on earth they should be treated differently when the nutritional info is basically identical (in fact the fruit one is marginally better!)

Can anyone explain?
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Not really - if you search we have been over this one tons of times :) On the official chat lately they say the vanilla & toffee ones are not allowed either when the question is asked, which kind of negates the issue as to whether cherry is better than toffee.

They do contain sugar and they are quite large. I think some people on here use the vanilla/toffee ones and still lose and other people treat them as a tolerated item. When it comes down to it it's up to you :) the amount of dairy that different people can tolerate and still lose weight seems to vary. At 200g you can be adding to your dairy total quite considerably with Mullers.

Myself I prefer natural yoghurt with some sweetener added. Sorry not to be more help.
No - that makes perfect sense. I think the lesson is, if you are going to eat them, it doesn't really matter which one you eat! I think I may limit to 1 per day of whichever flavour I fancy. I have noticed it is basically impossible to get fat-free yoghurts that don't come in enormous tubs, like Muller. All the small posts are either full-fat or low-fat.


Not very good at this!
S: 15st8lb C: 10st12lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 4st10lb(30.28%)
A fruit yoghurt is a tolerated item remember; myself I wouldn't eat them.

On the official chat they do say that natural yoghurt is the only suitable one in this country. The diet originates in France and there you can buy smooth fat free fruit flavoured yoghurts.
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Ive been having weightwatchers fat free yogs.. but ive just noticed they do have 6g of sugar in them!



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I think people on here have eaten the WW toffee and vanilla in the same way as the Mullers, but again they are not strictly allowed.
I now have a fridge coming down with Muller yoghurt that I wont eat! I have to say that is one downside to this plan; the cultural and culinary differences between the UK and France do lead to some confusion; I read the book cover to cover and thought I had it sussed, but clearly not!


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Things are not always clear and Dr D seems to add extra things quite randomly!
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I think the answer is try it and if it works for you then go with it, if not then stop eating them. At least that is my philosophy at the moment


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I would agree with that too Sharon (and mouse of course, whose advice is spot on). Mullers are huge so keep an eye on your dairy which is far more likely to cause a stall than pure protein.
Cheers all - just weighed after 2 days and am 2.5lb down; I do not have a lot to lose so am happy with that. Will carry on eating them; at least it gives you something to sacrifice when you do stall


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It's not just the amount of sugar - it's the type of sugar.

Fructose - fruit sugar is motabilised very very quickly, causing a big spike in blood insulin levels, before most of it is stored as glycogen (a kind of fat) in your muscles and liver.

Result? You feel ravenously hungry and drop out of ketosis and stall

At the other end of the scale is lactose - milk sugar, which is harder to digest, doesn't cause an insulin spike, and may even help to flush fat out of the body.

Result - you don't get hungry, you feel full and you stay in ketosis.

A higher proportion of the sugar in a cherry muller comes from fructose....

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