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Mullerlight layers

First day on SW today after joining last night. Can anyone tell me if mullerlight layers are free or do they have syns.

I'm on original day today,

2 slices wholemeal bread (B) 3 scrambled eggs.
mullerlight layer, apple
Homemade burgers
Dinner will be chilli using rice as a B choice.
Alpen light bar (3 syns).
3 litres of water
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hi never tried the muller layers bbutkeep meaning to buy the there 1 and 1/2 sins per pot which is not that bad considerin it makes a change fron the normal lights
jennie x
hiya minime, dont know about the muller layers ive never had them but heard good stuff about them :)

can i just advise you though, rice cant be had as a B choice on a red day - not even brown rice as theres not enough fibre in it to qualify, sorry hun :(
thanks food fairy, I had read another thread not sure if it was yourself and had the suggested chicken breast with cheese, wrapped in bacon, so no rice.

Is it yourself that has 2 alpen light bars as a Hex B, if so, is that okay. I'm having these as syns just now but if could have as Hex B it would be fab.
hiya minime, yes you can officially have 2 alpen light bars as a healthy extra b although some consultants dont advertise this to members as they fear it might limit the number of sales of their hifi bars which they get commision from but my consultant told us a while ago about them being an official healthy b choice :D
Cheers, I was in my local Instore (poundstretcher) shop today and they are selling them for 99p a box. I've not had 2nd hex b yet, so off to have them now.


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do they have to be light?:eek: my swc just said alpen she didnt say light i have been eating them and they arnt light! bloody hell if thats the case i have cocked up twice and i thought i was doing really well:cry:
I asked at class last night and she said alpen light. I checked the syn difference online, the light ones are all 3 syns, the normal ones are between 5.5 and 6.5, so you would be using some of your syns on them.


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she told us u can have 2 of them as a healthy extra b, friggin hell!! i really wanted to do good this week, i looked up the burgers they are 5.5 syns so thats 11 for them alone, i feel like crying!


Queen of the Damned
Oh Judy :hug99: what a rotten bit of luck - hope it gets sorted and you don't suffer too bad a setback


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well i am well peed off what with the bars and the burgers and my normal syns probs had about 30 syns a day by mistake! so upset i got on the scales and yes a gain i really wanted a good loss this week, im really considering cd again now im so annoyed.

Don't rush off and make a hasty decision, you made an error and you know you won't make it again. I'd say stick with it, cut back a little on your syns and you'll soon see a loss on the scales.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Aww Judi,
Don't give up - it is only a small mistake, as Minime suggested, cut back on your syns for the rest of the week and eat lots of speed foods to get you back on track.
I remember when I first did SW and semolena (sp) was free - especially the pastie recipie. I used to make loads of them as they tasted like Findus Crispy pancakes! In the space of a week, they went from being free to some ridiculous amount of syns on a green day!! I still managed to loose, but I never ate them again!!!
You may find that you will stay the same instead of a gain - but put that down to experience, you will loose it again the following week.

Big Hugs!


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thanx girls, i just dont want another stay the same or a gain as i have had 3 wks with no loss so i tried really hard and this happened, it really dos annoy u doesnt it. I really appreciate the the support thanx girls x

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