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The best thing to do Rach is go and ask the pharmacist ....make sure you tell him your on xenical also ....my pharmacist sold me multivitamins that people would normally get on perscription but I have learnt to take these horse tablets lol....but I feel so much better on them :):)
i was in there already talking to her as it was her who told me i would need multivitamins, my doctor never said anything and still hasnt!! There was nothing in there i could swallow, i got some kid ones in tesco yesterday that you chew, (taste horrible) would these do or d i really need an adults one?
I would of thought your dosage would need to be higher than a childs Rach !! Have you a health food shop near you ? :):)


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I too have trouble but I find the multibionta immune ones great and I don't have trouble with those as they are fairly smooth.
I take Forceval they are large tablets but it could be worth asking about and seeing if you can take contents out of gelatine shell so you are able to swallow ....just a thought as some tablets you can do that :):)
Sall they recommend you take a multivitamin with Alli and Xenical ......they say to take it as far away from Xenical as possible so you don't lose essential vitamins ...so bedtime is best as they work whilst you sleep....I have noticed how much more alert I am since taking them :):)
I totally forgot about those,Im feeling a bit tired lately and put it down to all the exercise and stuff.Will go tomorrow and get some.
you will feel so much better taking them.... :)
hi i take a multi vitamin i got it from chemist its called valupak you get 50 tablets and was only 99p i asked the pharmacy advice and she gave me these ones they are really small too so they are really easy to swallow xxxx
i struggle with drinking a lot of water. i am lucky if i drink 1 litre a day let alone the recommended 2 and dont really eat a lot of veg so i feel i need them personally for a boost.

well done on the weight loss. that is brilliant :D

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