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Mum on maturity leave diary

Hello all, here I am I'm Niesha looking to lose this chub this year for good. I am a first time mummy of a beautiful daughter who is now 4 months old, I'm currently on mat leave I'm planning on returning back to work on 2nd July. I fell pregnant last year February weighing 16.4 and today I weigh 15.6 so I'm at a low weight which I'm pleased about I just need to focus and carry on losing the pounds. I've got a stash of exante and Cambridge products to start off with tomorrow. My plan is to be atleast 13stone 9 lbs for my return back to work. I just know that I will feel so much happier once I've lost this weight for good. I hope to post as often as I can on here.... so please pass by and say hi. Xx

Sunday 4th March is my start date... hopefully the jaffa cakes won't slip into my mouth before a shake does lol xx
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Sunday morning weight 15stone 4 lbs so a 2 lb drop from eating less yesterday :)

So my plan of action is to have 3 products and water. If i can I will post pictures of my products to help me along mentally.

I'm so close to the 14s now.....
I'd forgotten how hard it is to fight the 'food' thoughts away. I scale hopped this morning and I'm 15st 4 lbs so haven't gained in over a week. Let's have another try today and see how I get on. πŸ™„πŸ˜


This is my year
I don’t have anything but black coffee all day.......then have my packs spaced out across the evening from about 6pm onwards

.......works for me, as the evenings are absolutely my worst times for wanting to eat :classic_smile:

You can do this......get through the first few horrible days, then it truly does get so much easier :classic_big_grin:
I cracked it yesterday yay!! I didn't scale hop this morning. I'm waiting until Saturday morning. Today my plan is to have 3 bars because me and the little one are out visiting today. Thanks ladies for your messages x

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