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**Mummy Wannabe's** January challenge


I will be a yummy mummy!
Hi everyone

This team was set up for anyone who is doing SW to increase their chances of conceiving... So any 'mummy Wannabe's'

I know a few of us joined in the November challenge and December kinda went by the wayside, but how about a new year January challenge?

I'll kick off after my horrendous December of about 2 days on plan! Remember only start recording losses after jan 1st.

Add yourself onto the list

Sarah83 - 7lb to lose, 0lb lost so far
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sarah think its just me and you ;)

how you getting on?

i lost 1.5lbs this week. bit dissapointed cause i done red days all week and was told i should have at least 5lbs off, so dont know where i went wrong lol... but hey at least i lost something!!

Sarah83 - 7lb to lose, 0lb lost so far
miss_marshmallow - 8lbs to lose, lost 1.5lbs so far


I will be a yummy mummy!
I think it is too! Well done on your loss-that's still a good loss. Perhaps you should try something different this week, maybe red days aren't for you?
I weigh on a Saturday morning and have been a good girl and not sneaked on the scales yet...
I only started Monday so will only have 5 days on-plan would love 2lbs off to get back into the 13s. Been pretty good so far, don't feel like I've lost though...
Hello everyone :)

I'm leeanne :) I'm 24 and I have a little boy who will be 4 on 21st jan!

I origionaly lost 2.5 stone in nov 2007 after joining July 2007 when Jacob was 6 months old.
Since then I gained it all back.
I now have a new partner who is the love of my life and known each other since we were 16! He too has a son of 18months old.

We have been talking and as Jacob begins school in september we decided to start trying for a baby then. As there is a nice gap between all 3 of them then!
It will be our first together and I'm hoping to be slim fit and healthy by then and not smoking to aid a much easier birth next time round and also a home birth after my terrible experience!

I have 3 and half to lose by September but worked out that's 54 pounds and if I lose 2lb a week on average. Then I could gain target by June 8th which gives me 3 months feelin sexy for summer before trying!!!!

Feeling really motivated!

Aim to lose 8lb a month but for the rest of jan I am just aiming for 6lb!!

Could someone add me to the list as I can't on my phone

Thanks and look forward to speaking to others in the same situation!


I will be a yummy mummy!
Hi Leanne, welcome to our little team!

Sounds like a great plan Hun, and totally achievable if you put your mind to it!

We've been trying since September so I'm just trying to lose as much as I can in the meantime - half a stone every month would be perfect!

Do you go to a Sw group or do it from home? What day do you weigh in?
Sorry but I can't add you at the mo as I'm on my iPod!
I am weighing at home at the moment every Wednesday morning at about 10 am. Can't afford to rejoin yet. Lost half a stone before Xmas but gained 5lb of it! But bk on it and weigh tomorrow :)
Can I join? I am losing weight so that I can conceive.. It kills me to know that my weight is the only thing holding me back from my dream of being a Mummy!

So far no loss :( I'd like to try to lose at least 4lbs by the end of January!
I've been doing SW for about a month now but the last 2 weeks were a bust. Lol. What with Christmas (& all those bloody chocolates!) & then a holiday (& lots of eating out!), I haven't lost more than the initial 10lbs.

I have to get below 210lbs.. I have not been below that for 2 years!

How long have you been doing it for? I love how supportive everyone is on here, together we will do this :)


I will be a yummy mummy!
Hi JustmeGemmy, welcome to the team!

I've added you both onto the list (now I'm on a proper PC!!)

Good luck for weigh-in today Leanne!

Sarah83 - 7lb to lose, 2.5lb lost so far
miss_marshmallow - 8lbs to lose, 1.5lbs lost so far

Leeanne910 - 6lb to lose, 0lb lost so far
JustmeGemmy - 4lb to lose, 0lb lost so far

Lost 4lb this week!! Only 1lb left off Xmas gain n 2lb from this months challenge!

Sarah83 - 7lb to lose, 2.5lb lost so far
miss_marshmallow - 8lbs to lose, 1.5lbs lost so far
Leeanne910 - 6lb to go -4lb = 2lb to go!
JustmeGemmy - 4lb to lose, 0lb lost so far
Please can I join in too?

I would like to lose 4lb by 31st January (Well 29th as that is my weigh in day)!

Good luck everyone....



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