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Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by Electric Bridget, 2 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Restarted Lipotrim about 10 days ago. I am not new to the diet having successfully done it 5 times before and gradually brought my weight down. This time is different. This time it is very tough.

    The first thing I noticed was constipation. I never had it before- in my life. It's not nice :( The Fibreclear is working a little but nothing close to regular.

    I don't mind the constipation so much but the second thing is really getting me down.

    Every night my legs and ankles ache. It's a dull pain. They feel heavy. Yesterday, my arms had the same pain but much worse. They were weak and I had to struggle through work to type. After about three hours the pain went away but today - again after I ate my lunch shake, the pain returned.

    Anyone else experienced this? What can I do? Would an Espom Salts bath help?
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    Bridget try Helen on the Lipotrim forum she was getting pins and needles might be able to help you
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    I was told to put a pillow under my feet at night when this happened to me :)

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