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Mushroom soup


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What does everyone think of the lactose free mushroom soup? I'm looking for new ideas for next weeks food packs. This will be week 3 for me, so will be allowed bars. I thought I would get one of each of those just to see what they were like - any advice gratefully received, as ever.
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Hi Pinks, I know everyone has their own favourites but the mushroom soup is for me one of the nicer ones along with the oriental chilli;). And defo nicer that the broccoli and cheese - BLEURGH!:sign0137:
It's not my favourite, but I do drink it occasionally. Sometimes I add curry powder to give it more of a kick.
Mmm the bars are lovely but you can only have 1 a day. I love all of them. I have them for lunch at work as there is no preparation involved with them.
ive never had the mushroom soup but the bars r nice dont like the carnberry one though i was sick with it its vile but each to there own xx


is gonna do it!!
I occasionally have mushroom soup, it's not bad. I find that if i alternate the soups regularly i don't get fed up with them.
I HATE the cheese and broccoli one. GROSS OUT!!!
My fave soup is the Veg
i quite like the mushroom and the chick and mushroom, i sprinkle a bit of parsley on them to add a bit more taste,not heard of anyone yet that likes the cheese and brocolli
I do ..... like the cheese and brocolli!!!

Mushroom soup is lovely with black peper - or if you are AAM/790/810 etc a few cooked chopped mushroom in it are nice. I also use it as a sauce over plaice or chicken on my 790/810days.


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I like mushroom soup. I've tried every soup and shake even if I didn't like the sound of them.
I was surprised that some of the ones I really fancied were vile eg. broccolli & cheese.

Your tastes change when you've been on this a while and so i retry some I didn't like first time around. The bars are all nice, but some better than others - Malt Toffee really nice.

I think it's a case of each to their own.
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