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mushy pea curry


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Hi geordie girl i thought the same as you about the mushy pea curry but i made it yesterday and it was fab so much so that i've had the left overs for tea tonight. :D enjoy
This is the recipe that I use:-

1 onion, chopped
3 cans of mushy peas
1 can of baked beans
200g chopped mushrooms (I often just guest and add what looks right)
1tbsp curry powder
Salt & Pepper to taste

Fry onions and mushrooms until softened. Add remainder of ingredients and cook for about 15 minutes.

This tastes even better the day after and I swear it helps speed up weight loss.



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oh that sounds nice and uses alot more free foods than mine might give that a try on the weekend

i only used
1 x onion
1x tin of mushy peas
1 x tin of chopped tomatos
and curry powder (amount to your own taste)

i had mine with chicken and it was gorgeous
I blend the can of peas and tomatos before I add it to the pan as I like it smooth. It's nice though, reminds me a bit of chip shop curry. I also chop up the onion and garlic in the blender too just so it's not 'bitty'.
I blend the can of peas and tomatos before I add it to the pan as I like it smooth. It's nice though, reminds me a bit of chip shop curry
I made this based on this thread, and I loved it!!!! Was so repulsed by idea when I first read about it- thought it seemed so wrong- but it's sooooo right! Goes lovely and thick. I used 1tbsp of Pataks curry paste, half an onion, tin of mushy peas, half tin baked beans, half carton Passata, a cup of water and a tbsp of veg stock, plus bit more spice to taste.
Lesley01 said:
Mmmm might give one of these a try :D Am I right in thinking that the first recipe would be free but the last one would need the Pataks synning?
Yes think a tbsp of curry paste is about 4 syns and that was split across 2 or 3 portions so minimal syn-age!!!!
I tried this b4 but i never liked it it was too like thicm ushy peas lol - the recipie is different tho so ill give the one you do a go! thanks xx
Im using frozen mushy peas so need to cook them first. Whats best to put in with them. Tin of baked beans or tin of chopped tomatoes? Im adding potatoe and carrots to mine aswell
ummm this does sound minging lol but......... as old mother hubbards cupboards are bare hehe with only a tin of mushy peas and a few bas of rice left it loks like this is what i will be having for tea think i have some jacket size spuds somewhere so will make some SW chips too you know what i blinking love ths diet xx
I eat this with sw chips/wedges and either rice or Ainsley harriot cous cous. Massive plateful. Also have eaten with the onion bhajis-recipe also on minimins. They r also surprisingly delicious.
we call this curry in a hurry!!! lol
1 tin baked beans
1 tin asda or sundar chickpea dhal
1 tin mushy peas
curry powder to taste

i aslo add mushrooms, onion & baby s/corn just makes it more extra easy friendly, serve wish rice cooked with peas. enjoy xx
The whole mushy peas and beans combo sounds so wrong BUT as I'm dying to taste some curry and know it's syn free I'm gona give this ago this evening while hubby and inlaws are digging into their Chinese!!!! Really hope it's gona be nice r else il be ditching the syns for the night and Robbin sum of there chinese!!!

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