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Must I consume shake/soup within 15-20 mins?


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Hello, I've been reading postings with great ideas for making the food more enjoyable, including taking soup in a flask for lunch -which would be fab. When I did LL and CD, both stipulated that the shake/soup/porridge had to be consumed within, I think 20 mins, so that you'd get effective nutrition.
I know Exante products are different, but it does say on the packs to serve immediately - can anyone confirm that it's OK to freeze, flask the shakes etc. Thanks
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Blue Butterfly

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You do have to have the pack within 20mins of making it. If you dont the nutrients deplete.


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Blue Butterfly said:
You do have to have the pack within 20mins of making it. If you dont the nutrients deplete.

That is the Exante advice but I took soup to work in a flask everyday for eight months with no adverse effects, just give it a good shake before you drink it.

In my experience the shakes don't wait - the taste goes off if stored. I always took a multivitamin too, some will say its not necessary but it made me feel good so I did.

No issues with hair, skin, nails, teeth, gums, etc. so it's up to you.



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You are not meant to consume after 15-20 mins as said in previous posts because the nutrients in the packs start to deplete but ultimately its up to you.

The 3 packs are meant to be nutritionally balanced so if some of the nutrient values decrease you will be left with a deficit.

We are given advice, its up to you what you do with it, what works for some doesn't necessarily work for all ;) xx


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Yeah, I agree the shakes can go off... smell them after sitting for a while, a bit gross! No wonder our breath ends up stinky!! Eek!