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My 100% 100 Day Challenge

Start date: Monday 20th April
Start Weight: 204lbs

I'm going to stick to my own variety diet of CS and Atkins.

My rules and regulations to keep me focused:

  • no more than 20 net grams of carbs per day
  • must eat at least five meals per day (3 main and 2 snack)
  • drink minimum 2 litres of water a day
  • must drink my shake for dinner and have main meals in the morning
  • no alcohol
  • no weighing myself except every 10 days.
  • no fruit allowed
  • i am allowed green veg
if i think of more i will add them later.

acceptable food lists from my bible :)

my official weigh in days:

1 - 29th April
2 - 9th May
3 - 19th May
4 - 29th May
5 - 8th June
6 - 18th June
7 - 28th June
8 - 8th July
9 - 18th July
10 - 28th July

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Monday 20th April....Day 1

I weighed myself and discovered that I had not lost any weight from the previous week.

It would normally bother me but after the bad news I had and the binge i went on i was just relieved it wasn't a gain.

I ate healthily and had the five meals, I drank my water but i did not stick to my 20 net carbs per day as i found an CS shake i hadn't had so i finished it for my dinner.

Overall the day was good and felt very positive!
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Tuesday 21st April....Day 2

I relaxed all day as it was my day off, i enjoyed the sunshine, paid a visit to my grandad and had a huge argument with my great aunt.

i was proud of myself because i would've normally gone and comfort eaten but i didn't.

I ate my five meals, drank my water and stuck under 20 net grams of carbs for the day.
Wednesday 22nd April....Day 3

Ive had a lazy day in the garden with a good book and im spending some quality time with my OH tonight :)

I have eaten so far 3 of my meals but its only 4pm! Its so warm that i have already drank all my water so that's good.

Planned the rest of my meals/snacks out so im definitely going to stick to my 20 net grams of carbs per day!


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Ooo this is fab i loves it!

As soon as may 13th comes im joining you on it!

(in other news.. i have to share my delight with as many people as possible so excuse me for the randomness.. but i bought my dress for the christening today.. and da doo da daaaa (drums rolling) i bought a 14!! and i look rather phenomenal, im so posting a piccy later haha, plus the 14 is a bit baggy too.. and then all my other tops i bought were 14's and 16's but im still over the mooooon! :p.. ill stop bragging now haha!)

Keep it up lovely xx
Thats great news no doubt you will look fab! Its such a boost getting into a lower dress size isnt it, hopefully i will be there soon! x
well done get the pics on
well done rae...get the pics up soon as!
and ill start posting my foods too.

in the last few days i have had:
white omellete and bacon
chicken with philapelipha herb and cheese wrapped in bacon with string beans
fridge raiders
iv had ready packaged stir frys from morrisons and cooked them with some gravy granules and vinager to give them a bit of kick
and as snacks boiled eggs
i had some ham and egg mayo just to munch on.
Thursday 23rd April..Day 4

i was so proud of myself yesterday i dint eat any crap, i drank all my water but for the life of me could not eat my 5 meals.

i had my main two and at 5 o clock i had my dietmeal shake from avidlite....yummmyy :)
i couldnt manage anything else though...i thought to myself whats the point in eating if im not hungry

see my mind set and approach to food has really changed.

this morning i have had a babybel so far but ill get hungrier about 10ish so ill have a proper breakfast then.

i have my bottle of water next to me, the sun is shining so im going to do something pro-active....


ill be back later to update more.:p
Update for Day 4..

had a yummy bacon omelette for breakfast and already had one litre of water

and im loving the sunshine :p
The sunshine makes it so much easier doesnt it! I don't know if its the feel good factor the sun gives us or the fear of skimpier clothes but it deffo helps me stick to the diet!
i cant say the same on skimpy clothes iv always been too scared to wear them

my pure and simple drive its trying to feel better about myself and get healthy!
had a tuna salad for lunch with things from my allowed list.

i had tuna, lettuce, cucumber and a bit of garlic mayo

Lukes gonna love that later...who doesn't love garlic breath?!;)

Going to have my shake in about an hour but i have drank all my water :)

Going to the cinema tonight to see monsters vs aliens :cool: i hate to resist the popcorn!!!!

Keep the forum updated ill be reading it probably tonight or in the morning.

And basically just a thanks to all the lovely ladies last night for giving me a good old chuckle:p
Enjoy the movie...I've heard its great...the poppcorn will be v hard to resist I can't go to the movies without it...why not bring some of those wonderful Fridge Raiders ,I still have to find, with you :D
theres none in the house:cry::)

i may take an atkins bar to munch on but i can pretty much cope with not eating !!!
Friday 24th April...Day 5

Not much to say...spent my night throwing up...lovely:rolleyes:

its peeved me right off after all my hard work im going to have to try and get back in ketosis.

feeling awful just do not sum up how bad i feel right now:(
managed to eat some mushrooms....

hopefully they'll stay down ...

sorrrryyy TMI!!!
just ate my second plate of mushrooms and onto my 3Litre of water.

Im guessing i need the fluids!!!

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