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My 100% Experience/Opinion (For what it's worth!)

Good luck gabz! :) I started lipotrim on Sunday, it is Day 3 for me. I am finding it hard, but i'm told the first few days are difficult.. It gets easier.. But, i am going to tough it out till i get to my goal!!!! Height: 5ft 4/ starting weight: 12st 2/ goal weight: 9 st/ dream weight: 8st!!!
Yeah I cant wait for the first few days to b over.. but im deffo going to stick at it.. ill be so much happier once the weights gone. Height:5'2. Current Weight:12stone 13lbs. Goal: 9stone.. We can do it!! :) xx
Hi Everyone, I started lipotrim on Thursday last week. I am finding it INCREDIBLY difficult. :( I started at 12st8lb and I would like to get to 9st. Good luck to everyone else xxx
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fantastic thread such a positive influence.. love coming on here and reading these kinda stories they really keep me going :D


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Wow, that is amazing! Congratulations on your success! I started LT yesterday, I currently weigh 196lb/nearly 14 stone, want to lose 4 stone by March 13th (my birthday!)
Your story has really motivated me and given me hope that I can be happy, healthy and more confident, and not need to be controlled by food!

Keep us posted x
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That is amazing, my friend and I have just read your story and she wants me to keep a link to your weight loss photo to go back and remind myself everyday of what can be done. Its great to read about the fact that you went so many places and so many things happened but you never faltered in all of that time, I want to teach myself to stop giving up just because of a small blip. My mindset has always been that tomorrow is another day but when it comes to weight loss it hasnt stuck. I am on day 1 now and am full of the joys of spring so far.
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what an incredible inspiration you are, and I couldn't agree more with everything you have said. If you're going to do something then do it right and commit, LP isn't a diet for those who want a quick fix, we need to realise our problems, rectify them and move on from LP in a mindframe to fix them! congratulations to you xx
Awesome. I am a newbie and mega impressed with your commitment. Well done you :happy096:
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wow you are good Motivation. starting my journey tomorrow... wish me luck! am scared!!
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Reading your post was amazing, and incredibly motivational. You're determination just pours though the words; it's amazing how many others are out there who feel the same. Having had to face the challenge of trying to diet through birthdays, holidays, etc., it was so empowering to read how you've did it! I find myself coming back to this post again and again... Thanks ;)
Betsybotox you're such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing. Your story has put things into perspective for me :)


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Love this forum, think it's a great idea!

I started LT on the 3rd of August 2009, 35 weeks ago. The day I started I weighed in at 22 stones 7lbs/ 315lbs, wearing a size 28/30/32. I sit here now weighing 10 stone 12lbs/ 152lbs wearing a size 10 pair of skinny jeans and a size small boob tube (a boob tube haha, never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd ever wear a boob tube again, nevermind a size small!)

I have been 100% throughout. Not a morsel or food or drink (apart from water and shakes) has passed my lips the whole time, and won't until I have reached my goal. I am a stickler for the rules type of person, and I believe that when you commit yourself to something that will totally change your life for the better, then it's best to use it to it's full potenial, and in the way it was designed to achieve maximum results.

My LT journey has benefited me more psychologically more than it has physically. My total abstinence from food and drink has taught me so much about myself. I was a comfort/boredom eater. Food was my best friend. If I had a crisis/upset/stress I ran straight to the fridge or the local takeaway to ease my pain. If I found myself at a loose end with nothing to do, I headed straight into the loving arms of food to ease my boredom. LT and total abstinence has taught me that I don't need to turn to food to help me cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life. I don't need to eat and drink just because it's your birthday/Christmas/Wedding/Easter etc. LT has taught me control. It has taught me that food will not take away the hurt/stress. If anything it will hinder the process of healing. I would eat, get fatter, get depressed about getting fatter, thus this adds to the original misery, leading to more stress! Vicious circle!

I've learned to cope with stress/boredom in other ways other than food. I've discovered my voice. If something is bothering me I talk about it. I've gained the confidence to speak up, instead of hiding, eating and hoping the problems will magically disappear. I hold my head up high and face everything head on.

I've been on 4 holidays during my journey, I've been to functions/weddings/birthday parties/anniversary parties/funerals. I've had Christmas/Valentines/Easter. All those occasions we use as an excuse to eat and drink to excess. During all those times not once was I tempted to break my plan. I stayed 100% committed throughout because I want to be healthy, fit and slim more than anything else in this world. I've had swine flu, a stomach virus, a few colds. I've had 2 small operations, been on antibiotics, and not once did I even consider coming off plan (I have been monitored carefully by my wonderful Doctor, Consultant and pharmacist throughout) I have had so many crisis, stresses, upsets.

In a perverse way I feel all powerful not eating and drinking at functions/occasions when everyone else is indulging around me. When people comment on my willpower, focus and determination it makes me feel so proud.

When I started I decided to change my whole family's eating habits. I cleared the house of everything 'unhealthy' I discovered a love of cooking (loathed it before!) I cook healthy nutritious meals every day for my family and they love it. They've all benefited from my being on LT! In a way I changed their eating habits for selfish reasons! I thought that by changing the way I approach food now will help me when it comes to refeed/ maintenance. Well that's my plan, hope it works!

I do not understand people wanting to eat while being on a TFR, as I believe it defeats the purpose. I believe TFR should be exactly that - Total food replacement, where all temptation/ options of food should be taken away. I believe it takes a stronger will power/determination to abstain completely, than to have a day off here and there with food and drink. I believe you can learn so much from 100% abstinence, I know I have. Your palate is completely cleansed and refreshed. Your old life and habits cleansed along with your tastebuds.

There are other great plans out there in which you can add a meal, have more of a variety of flavours etc. LT is boring and bland. That is exactly what I needed! Boring and bland has helped me loose 11 stone 9lbs in 8 months! That's over half my body weight! Boring and bland has changed my life beyond recognition.

There is no doubt that LT works. I believe LT works better if you're 100% committed to the plan. I believe you should use your time on LT to educate yourself about food. Find yourself. Find out why you've had to resort to such an extreme plan. Find out why you eat/over indulge. I was one of these people in denial. Believe it or not I was one of the people who thought I didn't have a problem with food and eating! I believed I could control what went into my mouth, and that I was happy being 22 stone odd! I thought there was no way I had psychological problems in regard to food! Boy was I wrong! Of course I have psychological problems in regard to food or I would not have been 22 stone and banging on death's door!

LT and total abstinence has taught me that food is not my friend. Food is not going to comfort me. Food is not a treat. Food IS fuel! The right foods are a necessity in order for me to live a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.

Don't take on LT until you are positively sure you are going to be 100% committed to the plan. Make sure you want to be healthy, fit and happy more than anything else in the entire world. Educate and find yourself while on plan, and you can't fail.
Brilliant :)