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my 1st day !

S: 19st7lb
So far ive had 2 of my 4 shakes and about 2.5 ltrs of water finding it very hard im jst sooooooo hungry but i know this will go in a few days im right arnt i ???????? please tell me i am lol
Ive cleaned the house from top to bottom and done my drawers out
doing things to keep my mind off food x
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Hi - Get past day 3 and ketosis should supress your appetite which is a godsend! I am desparate to get there so I can shut up my inner voice that is currently trying to get me to go to the shops and buy rubbish junk to eat! NO! Push through the hunger today and possibly tomorrow you will feel hungry but lots of people go into mild ketosis quite early and then the weight starts melting away!
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Good luck day 3 here and I'm starving still :(
Day two here, not so great, but keep at it - the way I see it I just want to stick with something for just one week and then I know I will see results, which in turn will make me stick even harder....

I think for a week you can do anything, there is no food out there that would replace the feeling I will get of loosing some weight and being able to fit into my lovely clothes again...
Day one here too and I am starving as well..not to mention bored at work *yawn*

I think I am going to go smoke :D :D :D that should take my mind off food..btw can we not even chew sugar free gum???? :(
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Stay positive!

Everyone on here woill tell you it does get easier. And it does!! Although I know it can be hard to believe when you are desperately wanting to eat something.

Keep yourself busy when you want to eat. My house has never been so tidy!! I even resorted to cleaning out all of my kitchen cupboards the other day - and by the time I got round to the food cupboard, I didnt want to eat any more.

Everyone struggles at some point, and the diet (I assume you are SSing?) is minly in your head. Once you have cracked the lack of food thing, it is easy. Easier said than done, sometimes.

You are in the right place for advice and support - everyone who has done SS knows how you feel!

But most of all, stay positive that you will succeed!


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S: 19st10lb G: 14st0lb
Hi Last day of week 4 and loving it!! Please please stick with it, those first few days are hard but think of the reward, A SLIMMER YOU! I promise it gets loads easier as the days go on. good luck x x
Yeah I am hoping it gets easier. I think its not the hunger that makes me eat though..just plain simple BOREDOM!!!! LOL!!

Right back to work :D
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Hey Puma you can chew if you want too. My CDC says i can.

btw can we not even chew sugar free gum???? :(

Sugarfree gum won't knock you of ketosis or delay you getting there but it will stimulate saliva production making the stomach anticipate a meal - take care especially in the first few days - you could make yourself extremely hungry which will only make life harder.
Thanks a lot ladies for letting me know that the gum wont take me out of ketosis or delay the weight loss :D

I guess I will resist the temptation to chew some sugar free gum for now though..dont want to feel the hunger pangs :cry:
S: 11st13lb C: 11st13lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
see now I have two a day and it doesnt make any difference to me.
I just had one :banghead: I am going to not chew on it though..hahaha..does that make sense?? LOL!

How come you'r feeling sick honey???
S: 11st13lb C: 11st13lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm run down along with TOTM it's so not a good start to the week is it? lol I'm alsio sick of being in the office too haha . Roll on 6 o clock...


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Hi, just wanted to say 'stick with it' to all of you in the first couple of days. It does get easier!! Good luck with your first week, I hope you all lose heaps of pounds!!

Even I have TTOM Fuffa :D At home now..left work early. Just bought a house so had to sign some papers. :bliss: It's a 3 bedroom house in East London. Can't wait to move in.

Cooking food for my OH now :( pity can't eat it though..chicken korma..smells divine :cry:

More water..i can do this :D

Let me know how u getting on babes.


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