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my 1st day


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hiya all, its my 1st day today on LT. Its been ok so far, im a little hungry now as my kids are eating their tea, smells yummy lol!!! :D
Its really inspiring looking at everybody's pics and reading up on all of your progress, :happy096:
soon that will be me to!!!
Iv'e made up a chart and stuck it in my cupboard so that i can mark off every lb that i lose a long with some pics i took this morning, hopefully these will help to keep me ontrack!
im gonna go and drink some more water.......mmmmmm :p:7834:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Hey! you sound very positive :)
Welcome and good luck! :D


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Welcome mel! You will love this diet once you get into it a bit. The weigh ins just don't come quick enough!


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S: 19st6lb C: 11st6lb Loss: 8st0lb(41.18%)
haha that is true!! i look forward to my weigh ins every week! they cant come around quick enough! Only 3 more sleeps...!!


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be strong hunny, well done on starting. Today is the first day of the rest of your life :) x


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Hi Mel! Welcome to LT :p Hope your first day has gone well! Keep your mind focused on your weigh in day and it will come round ever so quickly!!x


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Hi there and good luck! x
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Hi Mel,
Well done in getting through your first day, these are the hardest. You sound really motivated so hang on in and you will see fantastic results. x


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Welcome Mel, you will be fine. The first week is the most difficult especially if you have to cook for someone else like me(4 hungry kids) but once you get into 2nd week you will have more energy and feel much less hungry, so make it a goal to get through the first week and you will be on your way. All the best:)


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Hiya Mel!

I like your idea about the chart and pictures!!!

This website is a great way to record things aswell!!

Keep it up chick xx


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Hi Mel - wishing you loads of success on LT :)

I'm on week 4 now and have never felt so good about being on a diet. Like loads of others here i can't wait for each weigh in!

This forum is a godsend too, so much support and inspiration :) it's ace.


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S: 14st9lb C: 14st9lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hiya everyone,
:thankyou: thankyou so much for the encouragement, it definately helps! Ive found today to be harder than yesterday but its great to read that so many of you felt great after getting past wk 1. Its so comforting to know that the hunger and lack of energy will pass, the down fall being that i wont have an excuse to leave the housework lol!!! :D
It is hard cooking for others, but my other half has been great (he is cooking his own tea now, bless him):eatdrink051:
smells great but im thinking of my shopping sprees that are coming up for new clothes.......cant wait!!! :p
Well done everyone and thanks so much for ur support xxx
Welcome and good luck on your journey on lipotrim Mel. The first few days are the worst for most people and then you should start to feel much better. Best thing is just to try and keep busy when weak moments come along and keep glugging that fat busting liquid - water.

Good luck hun, you will be amazed after your first few weigh in's and each weigh in definitely gives you even more determination and motivation for the following week.


Here we go again!
Hi Mel and welcome. You are doing great getting to day 2. Keep going and that first weigh in will really spur you on. I'm the same as everybody else, can't wait for weigh in day. Never looked forward to weighing in before on any other diet but the results on this are so good, I love the weigh ins. Good luck, you will be fine.

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