My 1st week results......




I have lost 10lbs in one week, i am so chuffed. I know it will slow down from now on but what a big lump has gone!

My CDC also measured me to see if i'd lost any inches & i've lost 7.5" too!!!!!

So encouraged for next week now!!

Thanks to all of you for answering my posts in the week, i know i havent posted much on others posts but i have been reading some of your diaries & they are all very inspiring!

Heres to week 2....

Lorraine x
Absolutely brilliant, I am so thrilled for you, hold on to that feeling hun, its great. I love seeing the weight loss in people it really inspires me to do well.

Im really proud of you, keep up the fab work x
That's an awesome loss Lorraine!! Well done X1000!! :D

You'll be flying through those milestones now and we'll be there for each and every one of them, cheering you on!

Here's to next week :)
Hi Lorraine,:D

That's a brilliant start for your first week. I'm not surprised you're chuffed. Totally inspires me as well to get back on track, so thank YOU!!!!