My 1st weigh in!

Discussion in 'General Weekly Weigh-In' started by StephHowitt, 15 May 2009.

  1. StephHowitt

    StephHowitt You only live once..

    Have just got back from my 1st weekly weigh in at the pharmacy, was so nervous as I really didn't know what to expect.. Stepped on the scales & 7lbs lighter in 6 days! :D Words can't describe how happy I am.. :D 53lbs to go! Woooo.

    Have a great weekend. :)
  2. pineapple77

    pineapple77 Well-Known Member

    Very well done to you, I bet you're clothes fit better already.
  3. Law

    Law New Member

    Well done you!!! hope it continues for you xxx
  4. emma237

    emma237 Well-Known Member

    Well done thats a brilliant first loss x
  5. Tracer

    Tracer Well-Known Member

    Well done thats a brilliant loss...x

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